The Veterans Business Alliance (VBA) is an alliance of Townsville and the Region's [ext] veteran-smart businesses with an interest in harnessing the value of veterans in supporting the economic prosperity of Townsville and the region. Employers who are members of the VBA

  • appreciate the value of veterans working for them,

  • want greater access to veteran recruits,

  • want to support veterans to transition into civilian employment, and

  • want to help other employers appreciate the benefits. 

If you are keen on hardcopy or PDF we have produced a VBA Promotion Brochure

An example of what we want to achieve is represented in this article in the Sun Herald [ext].

Membership & Meetings


Businesses are Members of the VBA. Members are listed in this Members' Directory. Each business, depending on the level of membership, has one, two or three Designated Representatives.

If any business would like to join us because they are keen to support the veteran community and help them support Townsville, send an email to vba@theoasistownsville.org.au and we'll put you in touch with one of our members. 

We also have Associate Members who have represented a business but no longer represent that business, having changed jobs, and would like to stay on and it is likely that they will bring onboard and represent another business again within the next 12 months. 

Meetings (called O-Groups) are held on the third Friday of each month. Details on procedures and formats are on this page. 

The Fundamentals

Charter, Pledge and Value Proposition

See who is a member of the PM's Veterans' Employment Program

Joining Procedure


  • A Representative of a Member Business will identify businesses that recognise the value of employing veterans or businesses that are keen to better understand the value and keen to join the Alliance. Direct requests from interested businesses can be sent to the VBA Secretariat at vba@theoasistownsville.org.au and will be considered by the Steering Group.

  • A Rep of a Member Business invites as a guest to an O-Group, or two​

    • having been invited by a member representative, guest(s) attends an O-Group​

    • introduced by business and name to the VBA member reps, by member rep invitee

    • member rep will pass a copy of the prospectus to ensure guest knows what they are getting into 

    • may attend up to 2 O-Groups as a guest then decide whether or not to join, no pressure.​​

      • in effect a 'try-before-you-buy' occasion

      • it's in everyone's interests to ensure we are a good fit

  • If deciding to join the VBA, complete the pledge and send it to vba@theoasistownsville.org.au

    • An invoice will be sent to the joining business on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the calendar year​, by quarter.

    • Upon receipt of payment, and confirmation of business listing on PM's Veteran Employment site, the business becomes a fully-fledged member of the VBA for the remainder of the calendar year.

    • A Starter Pack will be dispatched by the VBA Secretariat.

    • Memberships are renewed annually at the start of each calendar year. 


Member of the Veterans Community Business Chamber

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More Information

If you'd like to discuss this or join us, please email us at vba@theoasistownsville.org.au