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The Oasis Townsville operates on contracts, grants, sponsorships and donations. We do not generate any of the income we need to achieve our mission. 

Support for our veteran community comes in many forms and our volunteers show us how much we depend on them every day. However, to fulfil the many needs of members of our veteran community, we depend on financial support.


We are very grateful for the support we receive now and find it very rewarding working with businesses to find ways we can help each other build a better Townsville Community, with veterans at its heart. 


Here is a listing of Our Proud Supporters.

If you or your business is keen to support us, you might find this prospectus useful to appreciate the opportunity for everyone concerned. 

Thank you for your consideration of donating to or sponsoring our cause. If you can help, we promise to make the most of your support to build a thriving, respected, vibrant, and well-supported veteran community that will enhance the economic and social prosperity of Townsville. 


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