Our Story

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Our philosophy is simple and is derived from the experience of Operation COMPASS (the National Suicide Prevention Trial for Veterans and their families which commenced in Townsville in 2017 and is continued by The Oasis Townsville as a program). It is the philosophy for happiness first articulated by 18th Century German philosopher Immanuel Kant but has been used in various forms by many others since. Our form is thus:

Happiness is pretty simple:

someone to love,

something to do, and

something to look forward to.

As such, The Oasis Townsville comprises three core programs: 

  • A Connections Program that has as its aim maximum use of the purpose-built facility of our Home Base for the Veteran Community in Oonoonba. We have many groups using the facility, some we conduct ourselves, others are separately organised and just looking for a great venue. All usage of space is free for groups that can demonstrate they have members of the veteran community as members.

  • An Education and Employment Program that seeks to place members of the veteran community into meaningful work. That can be support to start a business and self-employment employment, or as an employee of someone else's business. It could also be as simple as a volunteer role or a connections program. 

  • A Plans Development Program that assists all members of the veteran community to better prepare for their future whether transitioning from the ADF into civilian life or working through the issues associated with other likely or possible life-changing events.



A thriving, respected, vibrant, and well supported veteran community enhancing the economic and social prosperity of Townsville. 



The Oasis Townsville is to provide a 'single front door' for all members of the ex-serving veteran community in Townsville, including their family and friends, as well as current ADF members who have begun thinking about transition, to connect and integrate into the Townsville Community.  



  1. An environment that is veteran and family-friendly and welcoming, facilitating social connections and a feeling of personal safety.

  2. A service that facilitates comprehensive access by the veteran community (including families) to services that support the 10 Human Needs.