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Our Story

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Our philosophy is simple and is derived from the experience of Operation COMPASS (the National Suicide Prevention Trial for Veterans and their families which commenced in Townsville in 2017 and is continued by The Oasis Townsville as a program). It is the philosophy for happiness first articulated by 18th Century German philosopher Immanuel Kant but has been used in various forms by many others since. Our form is:

Happiness is pretty simple:

someone to love,

something to do, and

something to look forward to.



A thriving, respected, vibrant, and well-supported veteran community enhancing the economic and social prosperity of Townsville. 



The Oasis Townsville is to provide a 'single front door' for all members of the ex-serving veteran community in Townsville, including their family and friends, as well as current ADF members who have begun thinking about transition to connect and integrate into the Townsville Community.  



  1. An environment that is veteran and family-friendly and welcoming, where members of our community feel respected, facilitating social connections and a feeling of personal safety.

  2. A service that facilitates comprehensive access by veterans and families to services that support the 10 Human Needs.

  3. An experience that is rewarding, meaningful and enjoyable for all members of Team Oasis.

  4. A culture that supports veterans supporting veterans and the pursuit of good ideas to do this better.


The Oasis Townsville provides a relaxing and well-appointed, fully PWD-compliant Community Hub with space/huts for connections activities to be conducted by members of the community supported by a cafe, free internet access, a full kitchen and a library, among other amenities. The aim is to facilitate Veteran Community members to connect with others in our community, and the civilian community, by being involved in activities of mutual interest, in a place where they feel safe, respected and comfortable.

Our main service is a Plans and Linkages Program that satisfies any or all of the 10 Veteran Needs of clients who are members of the Veteran Community. 


From Homebase we provide these services:

  • A Personalised Referral Service for veterans and partners to connect them with the best services they seek.

  • A Jobs Service focuses on referring community members to opportunities related to education and skilling, employment, business ownership and volunteering. These are enhanced by our Veterans Business Alliance (VBA), an organisation comprised of businesses whose members have pledged to support veterans and partners to integrate into the civilian business community and workplace.

  • A Transition Plans Service focuses on supporting veterans and their support network to plan and prepare for their inevitable separation from the ADF, early in their careers in the ADF.

  • Our Oasis Information Briefing Series is conducted in our Huts at times that best suit veterans and their partners. These sessions provide general information that is of value to them based on when they are ready and need to hear it.

  • Our Outsourced-In-house Service, in which select/preferred service providers book space in our Services Hut with counselling rooms and a waiting room to enable our Plans and Linkages Officers to refer veteran community clients to services at Homebase when needed. This can be because of a client's needs or time sensitivity. These services currently include legal, financial, allied health, and compensation advocacy.



  • The serving and ex-serving veteran community in Townsville is recognised by the Townsville community as an important contributor to the economic and social prosperity of Townsville. There is widespread recognition among the veteran community in Townsville that they are well-supported locally and know where to get support when required. Every ADF member transitioning into the Townsville Community feels strongly supported and respected in all aspects.



  • By ensuring those who once served their country in the ADF and the families that supported them are best supported to succeed in the Townsville community. We do this by helping individuals and families plan for their future and by coordinating the advice, services, support, training, and engagement with and between other organisations and services. These organisations and services include Governments (including Townsville City Council, Queensland, and Federal Government (esp. Defence and DVA)), businesses and business organisations, NGOs, NFPs, charities and volunteer community-based organisations that have as their mission to affect the social determinants of health and wellbeing for the Townsville Community and that include the interests of the veteran community. Through this effort, every client is case managed and offered appropriate referrals in the 10 Human Needs, which are followed up on professionally until the outcomes sought are achieved.


  • Through an appropriately located and sized facility maintained and supported by contracted services, grant funding, and philanthropic business sponsorships and donations. The facility is run by a salaried workforce as the foundation of a capability for continuity, consistency and professional development, which is enhanced by volunteers who bring scale to the operation.

Service Model


After accepting the proposal to create The Oasis Townsville, and before too much work was done on designs, it was decided that a Service Model was required to establish the requirement with greater fidelity. 

The Service Model, which has developed considerably as a result of lessons learned along the way and evaluations conducted, is available here in its original form. 

Noting the intention of the Federal Government to create 16 Veterans' and Families' Hubs along similar lines to The Oasis Townsville, this model may be useful to see the original thinking behind The Oasis Townsville. Our team are available to discuss any aspect of this model or the subsequent adaptations upon request.