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How do the ESOs located in Townsville relate to The Oasis Townsville?

Townsville is blessed with many excellent Ex-Service Organisations (ESOs) that provide many of the services needed by members of the veteran community. The Oasis Townsville will refer members of the ex-ADF community who present at our facility to relevant and appropriate ESOs. The desire for a single entry point to the ESO community has long been a desire of our community and it is the intent of The Oasis Townsville to fulfil that function. Many of the ESOs have their larger meetings at Home Base utilising the space and amenity available.

How does The Oasis Townsville raise money to deliver services and activities?

Funding comes from the generosity of the public and socially responsible organisations as sponsors and donors. The Oasis Townsville is an ACNC 'Registered Charity'. For specific activities or capabilities we also apply for appropriate grants.

What does the Wellbeing Program provide?

Helping veterans and their partners to navigate and find the best services in Townsville to fulfil the following needs:

meaningful employment
good mental health
good physical health
strong social connections
suitable education and skills
adequate housing
sufficient income
appropriate compensation
respect and recognition
adequate transportation

This framework is our adaptation of the AIHW Wellbeing Domains, as adapted by DVA with additions from DCO (Defence) reportedly from WHO Humans Security Framework, and the emerging framework of the Joint Transition Authority.

What is The Oasis Townsville?

It's a Home Base for the veteran community in Townsville. The history behind the facility and the area currently occupied by Home Base can be found un About Us on the website.

What services are available at Home Base?

The following services are available at Home Base:

a cafe with catering services
peaceful calming surrounds with a great breeze through the oasis
help with planning for transitioning out of the ADF, no matter how early your thinking about the possibility
help with connecting and integrating into civvy street in Townsville
compensation advocacy for claims with DVA
finding meaningful work
a veterans lounge to relax and chat
free WiFi (commercial grade)
space for associations and other veterans gatherings/groups/meetings with full video teleconferencing capability
assistance to groups of veterans and / or partners who have a hobby or interest and want a place to gather and do it.

Who can access the services offered by The Oasis Townsville?

Anyone who is serving in the ADF and is thinking about transitioning out; and those who have served in the ADF and are now out of the ADF; and their partners and children.

Who is included in the Veteran Community?

Anyone who has served for one day in the ADF and has either transitioned out of the ADF or is thinking about transitioning out of the ADF; and their partners, families and friends.

Who is welcome at The Oasis Townsville?

Dirty Boots Café is open to anyone who is keen to have a coffee knowing they are supporting the veteran community by doing so. The remainder of the facility welcomes members of the Veteran Community. The wellbeing navigation services are offered to help veterans and their families find what they need to successfully integrate into Townsville Community.

Who runs The Oasis Townsville?

The Oasis has a team of mixed employees and volunteers who form the Leadership Team and the workforce that makes everything happen. The key roles where continuity and stability and consistency of effort are required are full time employees. Other positions are permanent part time or casual. We employ as a priority partners of veterans (serving or ex-serving).
Our volunteer workforce is very important to provide the scale needed to keep the doors open and support the veteran community directly.

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