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The Black Dog Institute Report:

Prevention through connection: supporting veterans to thrive when their service ends - A report on the National Suicide Prevention Trial"

Launched at The Oasis Townsville on Thursday 2 June 2022

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Royal Commission Defence and Veteran Suicide Update


  • The RSL NSW Royal Commission Office prepares daily summaries of the Royal Commission hearing proceedings, which are available at the foot of this page.

Explore Operation COMPASS by short video

Overview / Introduction

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Leaders Talk





Operation COMPASS is the codename for one of the 12 national suicide prevention trials that are trialling initiatives that could reduce the rate of suicide in the ex-serving veteran community. It has been run from Townsville, North Queensland, since June 2017. See a Black Dog Institute report on the 12 trial sites, here

In 2020, Operation COMPASS commenced the evaluation and report writing phase while transferring as many of the 22 active initiatives to organisations and institutions that could continue them, given their success. Those that remained on 1 July 2020 were transferred to The Oasis Townsville.  

An evaluation of the program was conducted by James Cook University before transferring to The Oasis. That report is available here. 

Many of the initiatives were taken on by The Oasis Townsville from the Enduring Connections Campaign (one of 6 campaigns). The primary driver for this campaign is to prove the significance of connections in reducing mental health problems and improving the wellbeing of veterans and their families.