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Join Team Oasis as a Volunteer

Becoming a Volunteer

Volunteering at The Oasis Townsville is as varied as you would like it to be. We can always do with extra help.

The Oasis Townsville's Homebase caters for over 1000 attendees of connections activities each month, supports the attainment of meaningful employment for veterans and partners and helps members of the veteran community take control of their lives and take action to secure their future as a civilian. This requires many skills and considerable effort. Some of the roles require regularity and consistency that generally can only be achieved by an employee, but there are many tasks that can be done by volunteers. Our goal is to find a role that suits you and us. 


While many in our veteran community would like to help and support our operations, they have families and full-time jobs and so are often time-poor. We appreciate that and encourage anyone who thinks they can help to get in touch by completing the Volunteer Enquiry Form (see button at the top of the page). That simple form is the start of the conversation.


The starting point for volunteering at The Oasis Townsville is as a Casual Volunteer. We will only seek your support for specific activities as they arise, not usually more than once a month. We will message you and can accept a task or not at that point in time. We also have quarterly morning teas at which we provide regular briefs on our operations and you may see an opportunity to help us in a way that fits both your needs and ours.  

What if I want to do more to help?

We realise that there is a bit of the unknown regarding volunteering. If you are like some of us when we started volunteering, you'll feel a little anxious about getting involved and then finding you have other priorities pop up, or life changes, and you can't do as much volunteering or find you have to stop volunteering altogether. That's the benefit and beauty of volunteering. We understand entirely and acknowledge there is a lot of 'slow and steady' needed before you start volunteering. 

We don't want to rush anyone or make it difficult to change your mind regarding volunteering. We don't mind if you start and have to change or even leave after any amount of time. We are very flexible. It's all about helping and enjoying it while you are at it. For these reasons, we encourage potential volunteers to complete the enquiry form and come in and look around, see what goes on and who's involved and get to feel if the volunteering thing is for you or not. 

We don't have any preconceived ideas of jobs we need to fill. We are interested in what you would like to do because you like it or you are good at it. We are very flexible. 

If you think this might be a good option, give it a go. If you complete the Volunteer Enquiry Form, we'll contact you to discuss how we can help each other. Often that chat on the phone can put your mind at ease, and we'll arrange for you to be looked after. 

Either way, we hope you are well and have a good social group of friends and a meaningful role in an organisation you love. 

Why volunteer with us?

Our volunteers give their time, skills and energy to help in the endeavour of supporting the veteran community and especially those transitioning from the ADF into Townsville.


Our volunteers are motivated for many reasons:

  • Because they want to have an impact and feel aligned with our vision, mission and objectives.

  • As a way to give back and show appreciation to those that have protected our country during their service.

  • To create friendships and a sense of belonging to a local network.

  • To develop new skills or use current skills to support the organisation.

  • To build emotional resilience and self-esteem by helping others in the local community.

  • And, importantly, to be inspired and to have fun!


When you volunteer with Team Oasis, we'll take you on an unforgettable volunteering journey - whatever your reason, explore our opportunities and see if it suits you to get involved.

Our Volunteering Philosophy


Volunteering creates a connection and sense of belonging to a community. It provides meaning, along with opportunities to learn and grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. It provides opportunities to meet new people, have new experiences, and gain new confidence.  For some, it opens up the opportunity to contribute to solutions, make a change, or pursue dreams. All of these elements are fertile ground for personal development and transformation. It feels so good to do something that helps so many.

The Oasis Townsville has been approved by Centrelink to host job seekers who are undertaking voluntary work as an approved activity.  Our Organisation ID number is 36375.

Good reads for understanding Volunteering

Some interesting articles, worth a scan:​


Is training and support provided to volunteers?

In short, yes! All new volunteers participate in a self-paced induction and awareness program. Some training is conducted online. Additional training and mentoring are provided for specific volunteer roles.

From time to time specific face-to-face workshops will be conducted to up skill or develop skills for our volunteers.

When we find a perfect match and interest we will pay for training to up skill volunteers to ensure everyone does a good job and enjoys themselves.

What's the onboarding process? Are any special checks required?

We are an organisation committed to professionalism and to achieving our mission with respect and close cooperation with all stakeholders. This means we need to bring in volunteers who appreciate what we are trying to achieve and ensure they know everything need to do well.

Depending on what the role is, some checks will need to be conducted.

How do I apply or submit an expression of interest, and what happens next?

It's quick and easy to apply - from this page, simply hit button marked 'Volunteer Enquiry Form' and complete.

Our Volunteer Program team will be in touch to advise next steps. If you are not available to volunteer now or if positions are not available that suit you at this time, we will add your details to our EOI list and advise when other opportunities for volunteering come up.

How much time do I need to commit as a volunteer?

The time you commit to volunteer with us is entirely up to you! Most of our volunteers balance their volunteer role around family, work and social commitments.

We have volunteers we only see when we have an event to run, and others pop in and out when they can and see if they can help. Others have specific roles and often do that work whenever they can.

Whatever way you choose to help - we are grateful for your commitment and support for the Ex ADF community.

Do I need any special skills to get started?

Absolutely not. We'll find a task no matter what your skill level. Then you can look around and might find another task you like.

For most roles, there are no special skills required. All we ask is that you genuinely commit to making a difference. Any prior administrative, event management, fundraising, PR or project management skills are a bonus - and you'll pick up many new skills along the way.

This could be your chance to gain new skills and qualifications. If you are keen, we will seek funding to qualifying you.

Who can be an Oasis volunteer?

We are a vibrant, diverse and inclusive organisation, encouraging volunteers of all backgrounds, skills and life experiences to get involved! Volunteers need to be 18 years or older. They do not need to be veterans or members of the veteran community. We are happy to have anyone help who is interested in supporting our cause.

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