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The first and most important of the 10 Human Needs is Meaningful Work and that could be volunteering.

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Our Philosophy


Volunteering creates a connection and sense of belonging to a community. It provides meaning, along with opportunities to learn and grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. It can provide opportunities to meet new people, have new experiences, and gain new confidence.  For some, it opens up the opportunity to contribute to solutions, make change, or pursue dreams. All of these elements are fertile ground for personal transformation.

Volunteering Opportunities


There are a number of different forms of volunteering we'll establish:

  • Wellbeing Navigators - these are our most important volunteers who will undergo the training and qualify in the Advocacy Training Development Program (ATDP).  A Wellbeing Navigator will work through the 10 Human Needs and help craft a comprehensive plan to support integration into the Townsville Community. See what that involves here


  • Oasis Champions League - in support of our advocates we will also create a 'Champions League' which will largely remain dormant until we find a veteran who needs a little help understanding what The Oasis Townsville can do for them and / or coordinating the multiple activities necessary to manage the entire 'move forward' plan for that individual. We'll pair the veteran who could do with a bit of help with Champion who is likely to be compatible. We'll ask both individuals to meet over a coffee and work out if the arrangement is acceptable and suitable. No qualifications needed, just a sympathetic ear and a clear head. This sort of volunteering task is likely to entail little more than a coffee or a phone call a week.

  • Hub Ops Team - running The Oasis Townsville will involve volunteers on a day-to-day basis. This group comprises the Core Team who are regular attenders and have a particular function; and others who support them in making things happen by teaching, organising, and supporting.

  • Event and Casual Supporters. This is for the on-call volunteers, less regular but for a specific period for a specific event or function.

  • Support / Participation in Named Operations / Projects - these are specific named activities conducted by The Oasis Townsville, such as Operation FARMER ASSIST which involves expeditions of groups of 12 to 14 volunteers to assist farmers in western Queensland.

The Oasis Townsville Limited, a public benevolent institution, is endorsed to access the following tax concessions:

  • Income Tax Exemption under Subdivision 50-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

  • GST Concessions under Division 176 of 'A New Tax System' (Goods and Services Tax) 1999

  • FBT Exemption under Section 123C of the Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986


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