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Volunteer Positions

We welcome anyone who wants to support the veteran community by supporting The Oasis Townsville to complete the EoI at the link on this page and we are very confident we'll find something that suits our needs and your preferences for meaningful voluntary work. We have work that can be done from home, small jobs that require very little of your time through to jobs that call for research and planning.


The Oasis Townsville has been approved by Centrelink to host job seekers who are undertaking voluntary work as an approved activity.  Our Organisation ID number is 36375.

Rejoin a Team of Veterans


The first and most important of the 10 Human Needs is Meaningful Work - that could be volunteering.

Good reads for understanding Volunteering


Some interesting articles, worth a scan:​

Our Philosophy


Volunteering creates a connection and sense of belonging to a community. It provides meaning, along with opportunities to learn and grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. It provides opportunities to meet new people, have new experiences, and gain new confidence.  For some, it opens up the opportunity to contribute to solutions, make change, or pursue dreams. All of these elements are fertile ground for personal development and transformation.

Volunteering Opportunities


There are a number of different forms of volunteering we'll establish:

  • Wellbeing Case Managers - these are our most important volunteers who will undergo formal training and receive qualifications.  A Wellbeing Advocate will work through the 10 Human Needs and help craft a comprehensive plan to support integration into Civvy Street. See what that involves here


  • Centre Ops Team - running The Oasis Townsville will involve volunteers on a day-to-day basis. Examples of work that needs to be done include teams:

    • Reception Team - helping those who turn up and look a little lost to find what they need at The Oasis

    • Gardening Team - we've now got a 5000m2 block to look after. It's all reticulated and watered on a timer but there will be a need for some attention to make sure the Home Base is always looking great. ​

  • Event and Casual Supporters. This is for the on-call volunteers, less regular but for a specific period for a specific event or function.

  • Support / Participation in Named Operations / Projects - these are specific named activities conducted by The Oasis Townsville, such as Operation FARMER ASSIST, which involves achieving a specific mission.