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Bring Your Event / Activity
to Homebase Oasis


Our Homebase for the Veteran Community in Townsville is purpose-built to conduct activities and events that connect veterans and families with each other and with the Townsville community. This is especially so for those who would otherwise find it difficult to access a location with other Veterans and those who understand the veteran community’s needs. We provide a range of activities, most free of charge.

Homebase is averaging over 1500 participants in connections programs each month. 

We have developed procedures that ensure we can optimise the use of Homebase and keep the overheads of managing it as simple as possible for users and our Team Oasis Members. 

It is important we appreciate the extent to which the veteran community is involved in your activity/event. Please make your veteran community involvement clear on the booking form.

Most of our spaces are available between 0730h to 2200h, 7 days, utilising a PIN code entry. 

Our Terms and Conditions are here.


The Space is Amazing...

The whole facility is air conditioned and has WiFi throughout. 

Office space (Hut 3)


  • 2 x consultation/meeting rooms

  • Can accommodate up to 4 per room

  • Waiting room and breakout room


  • Presentation capabilities - audio and visual.

  • Tea & coffee making facilities

  • Printer

Pricing Guide

  • Half Day: $150 +GST

  • Full Day: $275 +GST

Standard (Hut 4 & 5)


  • U-shape with tables (up to 15 people)

  • U-shape chairs only (up to 20 people)

  • Boardroom (up to 30 (up to 12 people)

  • Theatre (up to 25 people)


  • Presentation capabilities - audio & visual.

  • Water urn w/cool & boiling water & cups.

  • Whiteboard.

Pricing Guide

  • Half Day: $200 +GST

  • Full Day: $350 +GST

Large (Hut 6)

Please Note: Hut 6 can also be divided into two Standard configurations as above if no one has the entire hut booked.


  • U-shape with tables (up to 30 people)

  • U-shape chairs only (up to 50 people)

  • Boardroom (up to 30 (up to 50 people)

  • Theatre (up to 60 people)

  • Cocktail style (up to 80 people)


  • Presentation capabilities - audio & visual,

  • Kitchenette area - 2x mini fridges & 2x sinks

  • Water urn w/cool & boiling water & cups.

  • Private bathrooms.

  • Whiteboard.

  • Lectern.

Pricing Guide

  • Half Day: $350+GST

  • Full Day: $500 +GST

Multi-purpose Room

This room is within the main building (Building 1) and is available only from 0830h to 1600 on weekdays/non-public holidays). 

Inclusions and Configurations

  • This space is a versatile area that can be used for meetings and workshops as well as those types of messy/wet activities that require sink/water, ie. pottery, painting, etc. 

  • Benefits include being in a central location in the main building close to the kitchen, bathroom, BBQ area and staff.

  • AV capabilities are available, as well as whiteboard and various room configurations.


  • Please ask. 

The Steps

The procedure is straightforward:

  1. Booking a Hut. Complete the Hut Booking form. Be sure to read the Terms of Service. We need to know the degree to which the veteran community is impacted by your proposed activity so please give us as much as you can so we can prioritise bookings. ​

  2. Payment. Our fees are noted by room above. When submitting your booking request form, please notify us if you would like to request a reduced rate, and one of our team members will be in contact to discuss a case-by-case basis arrangement. We'd expect that organisations that have an allocation for facilities, such as government organisations or those in receipt of grants, would offer what they can to support our operations. 

  3. Once approved. A member of Team Oasis will be in touch. If payment has been agreed upon, an invoice will also be sent.


Thanks for considering the use of our Homebase for the Veteran Community. If you take us up, we hope it works well for you and helps strengthen the connections within and between the veteran community and the Townsville Community. 


We appreciate any feedback on the experience of booking and using our Homebase. When you receive an email with a link to a survey, we'd be grateful for your help in improving our service for the next connections participants. 

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