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Bring Your Event / Activity
to Homebase Oasis


Our Home Base for the Veteran Community in Townsville is purpose-built to conduct activities and events, that connect veterans with each other and with the Townsville community especially for those who would otherwise find it difficult to access a location so good and for free.

Home Base at mid-2022 is averaging over 1000 participants of our connections programs each month. 

We have developed procedures that ensure we are able to optimise the use of Home Base and keep the overheads of managing that as simple as possible for both users and our Team Oasis Members. 

The Space is Amazing...

We have 4 x meeting/activity huts that can accommodate up to 30 each and when these two are joined we can accommodate up to 60 in a single room. 


All huts have:

  • Access from 0800h to 2100h (possibly even longer if you ask!)

  • 75inch monitors (86inch monitors in Hut 6) with built-in PC that can also be used as whiteboards or you can plug in your own laptop,

  • WiFi and video-conferencing (Commercial WiFi provided free of charge),

  • chairs and tables in any configuration required (theatre, conference, board room etc...),

  • full airconditioning 


If your booking is for a commercial or government organisation and it would be normal for you to budget for an off-site location to conduct your event/activity, we would appreciate the amount budgeted as a payment for the hut/space. We are a charity that is sustained on donations, sponsorships and grants so any amount we can get to benefit our veteran community the more likely we can keep costs for them down. We charge a nominal $250 (plus GST) per day or part thereof for use of a hut. This will be considered in any approval of your booking. 

You might find the info on this page very interesting as background to Home Base. 

The Steps

The procedure is very simple:

  1. Booking a Hut. Complete the Hut Booking form. Be sure to read the Terms of Service and tick the box at the bottom of the form, then hit SUBMIT. 

  2. Catering. From 1 July 2022, Dirty Boots Cafe (DBC) will take a break from catering at Home Base for events. The café will still be operational. If you require catering for your event/room booking, you are welcome to bring your own catering or engage your own catering supplier, providing the following requirements are met:

    1. The facilitator/organiser of the room booking is responsible for providing access for caterers and suppliers to bump in and out.  Please ensure you allow enough time in your room booking request.

    2. All plates, utensils etc are BYO

    3. All electrical equipment brought into the facility must be tested and tagged prior to plugging-in.

    4. The Room must be left clean and tidy and all items removed upon completion of the event.

  3. Payment. As a charity we are grateful for every dollar we can get to continue operations. If your organisation is able to pay for the use of our facility, or we recognise that it would be reasonable to charge for the use of the facility, we will let you know and ask if you would like to proceed and receive an invoice, or cancel. The cost for a hut/space is $275 (inc. GST). We will ask that you pay via the link on the invoice. 

  4. Once approved, a member of our Centre Operations Team will send you an email to confirm your booking with all the points/notes you need to make sure your activity/event is a great success. If payment has been agreed upon, an invoice will also be sent.


Thanks for considering the use of our Home Base for the Veteran Community. If you take us up, we hope it works well for you and helps strengthen the connections within and between the veteran community and the Townsville Community. 


We have a Hut Use Feedback Form that we'd love you to complete also, so we can get better at supporting the needs of our community. We'd be grateful for your help. 

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