Make connections

One of the 10 Veteran Needs is 'Strong social connections'. At The Oasis Townsville we recognise the opportunity to enable this by:

  • Providing a place and spaces for veterans to meet, whether that is for associations' formal meetings, smaller less formal groupings or just a group of mates getting together for a yarn. We have meeting rooms in the form of two huts that can accommodate about 30 in different configurations and a bigger hut (2 joined together) that can accommodate upto 80. 

  • A "Veterans' Lounge" for sitting around the kitchen table or relaxing and just reading or using the free WiFi, or just having a brew with a mate.

  • A few four-person rooms for counselling or a private phone call / VIDCON or just time out.

  • Facilitating participation in organised programs conducted by others where there is a veteran group that seeks some level of recognition and support. (eg we have BrothersNBooks doing a book exchange at The Oasis)

  •  Supporting the conduct on premises of activities and hobbies where there is sufficient interest in the ex-ADF community.

  • Dirty Boots Cafe. 

Most of us feel like we left behind some of our best mates when we left the ADF.  Some refer to PTSD as 'Post Team Separation Disorder'. At The Oasis Townsville, we've created a place for teams, associations and other groups to meet. And we've included a coffee shop!


Bottom line is, it's about making it easy for mates, friends, colleagues and families to connect.

Our Programs



Sewing Program

We ran sewing classes before COVID19 and are about to recommence. 

By Jun 2021, we expect to be ready to commence sewing classes again. We're interested in your thoughts on when would be the best time to do them noting school hours and work commitments, and what you'd like to learn. We have a range of instructors to call on depending on the subject. 

If you'd like to let us know what and when you'd like to participate, please email with your thoughts. 

Ideas for Sewing Program: