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One of the 10 Veteran Needs is 'Strong social connections'. At The Oasis Townsville we recognise the opportunity to enable this by:

  • Providing a place and spaces for veterans to meet, whether that is for associations' formal meetings, smaller less formal groupings or just a group of mates getting together for a yarn. We have meeting rooms in the form of two huts that can accommodate about 30 in different configurations and a bigger hut (2 joined together) that can accommodate upto 80. There is a Veterans' Lounge for sitting around the kitchen table or relaxing and just reading or using the free WiFi, or just having a brew with a mate. We've also got little rooms for counselling or a private phone call / VIDCON or just time out.

  • Facilitating participation in organised programs conducted by others where there is a veteran group that seeks some level of recognition and support.

  •  Supporting the conduct on premises of activities and hobbies where there is sufficient interest in the ex-ADF community.

  • The on-site coffee shop.

Most of us feel like we left behind some of our best mates when we leave the ADF.  Some refer to PTSD as 'Post Team Separation Disorder'. At The Oasis Townsville we've created a place for teams, associations and random other gatherings to meet. And we've included a coffee shop.


Bottom line is, it's about making it easy for mates, friends, colleagues and families to connect.

1. Sewing Program



For details on specific activities see the What's On tab above.

We have begun Sewing Classes and Sessions as part of the Connections Program. We secured funds from the Queensland Community Foundation to buy some machines and we have been experimenting with times and topics to attract groups to connect. So far we've run successful sessions on Friday's between 0930h and 1230h and have covered such subjects as beginners sewing, to mending and overlocker classes. We've even dabbled in quilting on Mondays. The experimentation will continue until we get to the new facility at Oonoonba when we hope to have a good idea of the classes and timings that suit most. 

Ideas for Sewing Program:

Any other ideas? Please email hello@theoasistownsville.org.au

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