Make connections

One of the 10 Veteran Needs is 'Strong social connections'. Along with meaningful work and a future to look forward to, we consider this to be one of the most important roles for our Home Base. 

Most of us feel like we left behind some of our best mates when we left the ADF.  Some refer to PTSD as 'Post Team Separation Disorder'. At The Oasis Townsville, we've created a place for teams, associations and other groups to meet. And we've included a cafe! See all of the features here


Bottom line is, it's about making it easy for mates, friends, peers, colleagues and families to connect in a safe, relaxing and friendly environment.

Most of our programs require participants to be fully vaccinated. These are designated with the following logo.

COVID-19 - Vaccine Required.jpg
Our Programs

We run programs ourselves. These are run entirely by volunteers. Some are well advanced and have been developed over a long time, others are very new and developing. We also support some programs that are run independently and supported by The Oasis Townsville, mainly by the provision of space to conduct the activity and promoting participation in our newsletters and website. 

Painting Program

This program began late last year with a few sessions but has been interrupted by COVID. We hope to get this off the ground in 2022 perhaps with a little sip of wine with it!


We have a volunteer keen to start a craft program. More to follow.


We have had some interest in conducting a cooking program. We have a full kitchen in the Veterans and Partners Lounge and are keen to support the numerous veterans we've had seeking cooking skills. More to follow soon.