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Meaningful work one of the most important human needs. It is the conduct of activity perceived by the individual as contributing to society. It can be paid employment (working for another), self-employment (working for oneself) or volunteering (contributing to a cause and being compensated in ways other than salary).

Employment Coordination Team

The Employment Coordination Team supports the Wellbeing Program to find meaningful work for veterans and their partners. 


Coordination is central to achieving these outcomes. The Employment Coordination Team will bring together in a coordinated manner the efforts of the significant number of agencies and organisations involved in this space. 

Importantly, we work closely with ADF Transitions who have access to Defence funded job support.


  • If a serving veteran has commenced the transition journey having completed the AC853 or has been out of uniform for less than two years, we will draw on the support of the ADF Transitions Centre at Lavarack Barracks. In Townsville, that's the team that resides in the Sizzler Building inside the Rock entrance to Lavarack Barracks. This is because Defence covers the cost. We'll save our donated monies for those not included as described above. 

  • If a veteran is still serving and has not yet commenced the transition journey by completing the AC853, or has been out of the ADF by more than two years, we will draw on a number of other resources to help. 


The Employment Coord Team also provides support to Townsville's employers through the Veterans Business Alliance (VBA) [int].

What we can do for you

We have an employment capability that serves to connect veterans and partners with employers and organisations that can support starting a business.  


Our main connection is Career Transition Management with Right Management who will walk you through the stages from preparation to landing your ideal job. Our partnership is well described in this A4 poster

We are also able to assist if you are thinking of starting your own business. In that case, we'll utilise Prince's Trust Australia Enterprise for Veterans program. We'll also hook in the NEIS Program and link you up to the Veterans Community Business Chamber

Or, if it's volunteer work you are after, something to support our veteran community or other cause, no matter how much time or effort you can afford, we can help you find meaningful work. In this regard, you could join us on Team Oasis (have a look here [int]) and we work closely with Volunteering North Queensland [ext] in case there is something specific you had in mind.

Useful Links for Employment*

*Links list is not exhaustive, if you know of another please use the contact form to let us know.

Issues to be aware of when coming to 'Civvie Street'

Finding Meaningful Work

Career Identification

What industries are jobs growing fastest in?

The Australian Government website JobOutlook is a good place to start for a menu of jobs you might be interested in. See what jobs are on the rise in the next 5 years?

Now find how to acquire the skills that can lead to what you want to do.


Recognition of Prior Learning from ADF?


  • Qld Government Skills gateway site is very useful, it is a search engine to assist people to navigate training courses, qualifications and funding. It also provides details of all current Skilling Queenslanders for Work projects in QLD.


Preparing a Resume and Covering Letter

Finding a Job


Employment Services that support ex-ADF members* 


Starting a Business