The Veterans Business Alliance (VBA) connects employers in Townsville with each other and to us. Employers who are members of the Alliance appreciate the value of veterans working for them and want to help other employers appreciate the benefits. 


The VBA will grow as members help other employers appreciate the value of employing a veteran.







We are also keen to promote the Prime Minister's Veterans' Employment Program which includes the following businesses in Townsville.


  • Defence Bank

  • Cubic Defence

  • IPAR

  • Cate's Chemist

  • Jax Tyres

  • Penske

  • Red Rock Recruitment

  • Telstra

  • Westpac

  • If your Townsville business is missing, please let us know and we'll gladly add it?​​

Employing veterans makes good business sense

Australia boasts a military that is among the most highly skilled in the world because Australian Defence Force (ADF) members receive world-class training.

When a veteran leaves the ADF, they take with them a range of qualifications, training and skills that make them valuable to the civilian workforce. In a competitive market for human capital, it makes sense to consider veteran candidates when looking to hire.

Organisations are finding there are many advantages to looking past the typical 'industry experience' based candidates and are benefiting from hiring veterans who bring new insights, expertise and innovative thinking to their organisation.

Top skills veterans bring to the civilian workforce


  • Self-Starters

The ADF uses a tasking philosophy called 'mission command' which means "let me know what you need accomplished, tell me what resources I've got to do it, and let me get on with it". This is especially important when the opportunity to check back with the boss is limited and circumstances change. The result is more about the effect the boss wanted, not being told how to do the job.

  • Leadership & Teamwork

Leadership is expected at all levels in the ADF. Veterans have experience working in and leading teams that work together to achieve goals. Leading by example, veterans are expected to delegate, motivate, inspire and deliver results.

  • Risk Management

Veterans are trained to put into practice risk-mitigation strategies to ensure that even in difficult situations they are able to achieve the best results. ADF members plan and re-plan, test and re-test, check and re-check in every scenario. Success depends on every member of the team being solely focused on delivering their part.

  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

All members of the ADF use their knowledge, available facts and situational awareness to solve issues and problems. "It can’t be done" is not something you will hear often from a veteran; they are dedicated to finding solutions and delivering results no matter the situation. Veterans are adaptable and flexible and used to operating in a fast-paced, changing environment.

  • Communication

Clear, concise and accurate communications are vital for the effective operation of the ADF. Effective communication is an essential part of the operation. Veterans can identify, articulate and share relevant information using well-developed communication skills.

  • Values-Driven

Members of the ADF are known for their values of integrity, loyalty, self-discipline and perseverance. They have a strong work ethic and their dedication and attention to detail ensure great results.

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