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Currently Serving, and considering options to transition out of the ADF?

The Transition Process begins soon after you join the ADF. You quite likely think you'll be in for a long time (most do), but the statistics say otherwise. There is a reasonable probability that you will discharge from the ADF at about the seventh year of service. That could be completely voluntary or for medical reasons due to a physical or mental injury. Completing the AC853 should most certainly not be the first time you consider transitioning out of the ADF.

This page is a start point for good resources to commence the recon for transition. A good reason for commencing thinking about the possibility is that the ADF offers significant support to help with a good transition but it is generally too late to get the best of the support if you wait until declaring to your chain of command that you are discharging.


If you have any doubts or would like to talk to someone who has been on the civilian side for a while about this, please feel free to get in touch with The Oasis Townsville.

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