VBA O-Groups


O-Group is short for Orders Group in ADF language. Its interpretation for the VBA is 'Networking and Motivation Group'.

This page lays out how the VBA operates. 


We hold an O-Group monthly on the third Friday of each month for Representatives of Member Businesses of the Veterans Business Alliance, unless that day is a holiday or other special event, in which case we will default to the second Friday of the month.

An important aspect of the Pledge is that each Business is represented each month by at least one Rep. It does not need to be one of the designated Representatives. 

RSVP is simple, via this form.

A few days before the O-Group, all who have RSVP'd will be sent a copy of the Meeting Agenda with all names attending. 

Monthly O-Group Format


  • Assemble from 1700h and start proceedings at 1710h

  • Welcome by Chair

    • Chair revolves monthly, each Chair nominates the Chair for the next month's meeting​​​

  • Introduction of new members​

    • New member representatives will have submitted a signed pledge to the Secretariat the week before the meeting.​

    • Chair announces each business member in turn.

    • One of the new member representatives for each new member business takes one minute to introduce other representatives (if any) and introduce to us all the business joining the VBA.

  • Introduction of Guests​

    • Member Reps introduce their guests to the O-Group​

    • Just need business represented, name of their guest(s) and whether a first or second visit

  • 1st Presentation

    • story by a member rep on experience of employing veterans and or partners of veterans

    • 5 min max​

  • 2nd Presentation

    • short education piece by an advisor to VBA on something that is new or likely to be of interest, especially if little known, to the O-Group​

Joining Procedure


  • A Representative of a Member Business will identify businesses that recognise the value of employing veterans or businesses that are keen to better understand the value and keen to join the Alliance. 

  • A Rep of a Member Business invites as a guest to an O-Group or two​

    • having been invited by a member representative, guest(s) attends an O-Group​

    • introduced by business and name to the VBA member reps, by member rep invitee

    • member rep will pass a copy of the prospectus to ensure guest knows what they are getting into 

    • may attend up to 2 O-Groups as a guest then decide whether or not to join, no pressure.​​

      • in effect a 'try-before-you-buy' occasion

      • it's in everyone's interests to ensure we are a good fit

  • If deciding to join the VBA, complete the pledge and send it to vba@theoasistownsville.org.au

    • An invoice will be sent to the joining business on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the calendar year​

    • Upon receipt of payment, and confirmation of business listing on PM's Veteran Employment site, the business becomes a fully-fledged member of the VBA for the remainder of the calendar year

    • Memberships are renewed annually at the start of each calendar year