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The Oasis Townsville is the Homebase for the veteran community in Townsville. Veterans and their families and friends utilise our community centre to meet, participate in activities of collective interest, find a friendly ear to answer any question about integrating into the Townsville Community or relax and have a quiet coffee, use the free internet or read a book. 

As part of our community centre approach, we have full-time staff who are available to find the answer to any community integration questions by utilising experience gained helping others and a comprehensive database of the best services that are available in Townsville. Better still, from client ratings, we have a good idea of which ones are best for the veteran community. For example, we could tell you which gyms in town are owned by veterans and which doctors will send invoices directly to DVA and not give them back to you for you to claim the cost back from DVA. 

We are especially connected to many GPs, other medical professionals and allied health professionals who utilise social prescriptions to improve our Veteran Community clients' wellbeing. 

We operate within a framework that helps us appreciate how we can help comprehensively.

We focus on three programs:

To take advantage of these, we appreciate that many in our Veteran Community need some specific support, which is best sourced from professionals in the field.  Our model is to refer to the services our investigations have led us to appreciate are the best for members of the Veteran Community, most of which are in the Townsville Community, but some key ones with which we have established a closer relationship, we bring into Homebase to operate with us in-location. These organisations either utilise our Hut 3 or offer presentations to members of our veteran community. These are In-house, outsourced services for general wellbeing

We have a comprehensive Evaluation framework that supports our development. In particular, we have a Veterans Community Integration Advisory Committee (VCIAC) that directly supports the General Manager. 

We also foster Operation COMPASS, the legacy of the National Suicide Prevention Trial for Veterans and Families, which ended in Dec 2022, to ensure we stay focused on suicide prevention as the underpinning of all we do. 

To ensure the Townsville Community is shaped to provide the best soft landing for veterans and partners into employment, we also support the advancement of the Veterans Business Alliance

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