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In-house, Outsourced Support Services

No service providers are located permanently at Homebase. However, we see it in our client's interests to have them represented at Homebase for convenience. Our preferred service providers utilise Hut 3 at times we have found most appropriate to potential clients.  

Our current preferred service providers are listed below. For appointments to consult with them when they operate at Homebase, please see one of our Plans and Linkages Coordinators.

Email or complete this form. 

We also have a range of presentations at various times to suit most of our client's needs, especially if those presentations are suited to the involvement of other members of the client's family. There is a full listing of the various presentations at Homebase here.

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Alliance Rehabilitation

Alliance Rehabilitation is one of the largest interdisciplinary health teams in North Queensland.

Alliance Rehabilitation operates a service from PeeWee Hut 3 (QBE Hut) for specific periods. Please contact us on 4759 8777 or to be referred to Alliance Rehabilitation.

Alliance Rehab also has outreach services in:
1. Richmond
2. Hughenden
3. Charters Towers
4. Ingham
5. Magnetic Island, and
6. Ayr

And offers Telehealth.

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Australian Veteran Health Services

AVHS aims to provide several services for Veterans as they discharge from the military and to be the preferred provider of health services to Veterans by DVA.
– Pre-discharge health assessment (funded by Joint Health Command)
– Review of Medical Records and writing of reports for service-related conditions to be submitted to DVA via DVA Diagnosis Forms
– Post-discharge health assessment
– Provision of Permanent Impairment Assessments for Veterans
– Ongoing support in the transition period with nursing, social work and case management staff
– Provision of a ‘matching’ service, referring Veterans to GP in their town of discharge who are familiar with Veteran Health – AVHS will provide a full health transfer package to their new GP
– ADF Transition Medicals along with CASA and FAA Pilot Medicals
– Support Veterans’ families throughout the transition process

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Defence and Veterans Legal Service

Free, independent legal support to participate in the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide.

The Defence and Veterans Legal Service is a free national service that provides independent information and legal advice to support Australian Defence Force personnel and veterans, as well as their families, carers and supporters, to safely share their experiences with the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide.

The Defence and Veterans Legal Service is funded by the Australian Government through National Legal Aid. The service is independent and separate from the Royal Commission, the Department of Defence, and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

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Evergreen Financials

Evergreen Financial Advisers is based in Townsville, providing well-considered financial advice for small business owners, families of all shapes and sizes and veterans.

They provide presentations each month. See What'sON for dates and times.


Veteran Legal Service (by Legal Aid Queensland)

A free legal service funded to complement existing veterans’ advocacy services and Ex-Service Organisations. The service will provide a free outreach legal clinic at The Oasis Townsville's Hombase every Tuesday and Thursday between 1000h and 1300h.

The service will also be available outside its outreach sessions at the Oasis Townsville. Simply contact our office on 47215511 or email info@TownsvilleCommunity.Law

Townsville Community Law is funded to provide legal assistance services to eligible clients regarding:
1. Legal issues experienced by veterans during transition to civilian life.
2. Legal issues experienced by veterans as a consequence of their service.
3. Access to veterans statutory entitlements.

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