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Homebase for the Veteran Community in Townsville

Home Base is a purpose-built, relaxing environment with plenty of opportunities to sit quietly on your own or with others to relax and chat. It is a place for the veteran community to meet and feel safe among peers and friends.


Home Base is manned by our Team Oasis members routinely from 0900h to 1500h, but the facility is available for use outside these hours upon booking and approval by the GM.


In fact, we don't even need to be in attendance to grant access to the huts as we simply send a 4-digit code to the organiser and the power, lights and aircon go on.


The main constraint for activity at Home Base is that we are located in a residential area and we respect our neighbours' peace and quiet in The Village, which by the way has a significant number of current serving and ex-serving veterans. 


Features of our Home Base include:

  • Dirty Boots Café with our own brand of coffee that also provides catering for activities conducted at Home Base.

  • A lounge for veterans and their partners and their friends, which includes full use of a kitchen, a BrothersNbooks Library, and a variety of private and open comfortable seating spaces.  You can relax and read a book, enjoy a board game, take advantage of the free high-speed Wi-Fi and computer library or simply have a brew with a mate.

  • Participation in organised programs. Some activities are conducted by other organisations that 'hire for free' a hut/space, and a few are conducted specifically by us. These are all managed by our Connections Coordinator. We are very keen to support the conduct on premises of activities and hobbies where there is significant interest by the ex-ADF community. If you have such a group keen to use our facilities, email us

  • Huts and spaces for veterans to meet, whether that is for ESO or ex-ADF association meetings, smaller less formal groupings or just a group of mates getting together for a yarn, especially where the group involves interactions and connections with Townsville community groups. We have meeting rooms in the form of two huts that can accommodate up to 36 in some configurations and a bigger hut (2 huts joined together) that can accommodate up to 60. All huts have:

    • large screens as computers and whiteboards,

    • WiFi and video-conferencing

    • chairs and tables in any configuration required.

  • BBQ facility with 2 x electric BBQs.

  • [UNDER DEVELOPMENT]  A children's playground, under a hardcover roof, with fans and seats for parents. 

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