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The Oasis Townsville Limited, a public benevolent institution, is endorsed to access the following tax concessions:

  • Income Tax Exemption under Subdivision 50-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

  • GST Concessions under Division 176 of 'A New Tax System' (Goods and Services Tax) 1999

  • FBT Exemption under Section 123C of the Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986

The Oasis Townsville is a charity that leases the facility at Oonoonba

which was funded by the Queensland and Federal Government.


We received none of the $10mil provided by the Federal and Queensland Governments for the building

The building is owned by the Queensland Government and we will lease it for $1 per year.

In order for us to undertake our support to veterans

and provide the Home Base for the ex-ADF community in Townsville

we raise money through donations, sponsorships and grants.

Direct Bank Deposit

You can make a direct deposit to our bank account using the following details:

Account Name: The Oasis Townsville Limited

BSB: 064817

Account Number: 10802614

Reference: [DONATE and your name or organisation]

We would also appreciate an email to so we can correctly attribute your donation and send a thank you note for your support, unless you'd like to remain anonymous - in which case, Our Sincere Thanks for Your Donation. 

PayPal or Credit Card
PayPal Giving Fund

See our page on other sites for raising money. No commission taken by these providers.

Give Your Containers for The Oasis Townsville

Containers for Change

If you'd like to help, or get the young ones involved, this is a good team builder. Any containers taken to the Exchange Point can have the proceeds donated to The Oasis Townsville by using this code. 


The locations for returns in Townsville can be found by going to this map and entering your postcode.  

Eventually we will have a place to hold containers at our Oonoonba site, but not until we open at the end of 2019. 

Thanks for your support. 


If it is your intention to provide for the work of The Oasis Townsville after your passing, it will be necessary for you to include specific words to that effect in your will. When making or revising your will, obtaining legal assistance is the safest course of action. If you intend to provide for the work of The Oasis Townsville in supporting the Ex-ADF Community in Townsville in your will, we suggest that you take the following draft clause to your solicitor for inclusion in your will, as you see fit.

“I give and bequeath the sum of $.... (or the rest and residue of my estate) to The Oasis Townsville Limited and an official receipt from them shall be sufficient discharge to my executor or trustee.”