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Path of Remembrance

We are building a Path of Remembrance at Homebase that will be made of pavers with names inscribed on them of people who have served. We all have an ancestor and/or a relative from service in the ADF. Here is your chance to remember and honour them by placing their name on a paver and laying that into the Path of Remembrance.

Individuals can buy a Remembrance Path Paver and make our Homebase feel more like home. Individuals can click or scan the QR code below.


And to help with costs, we welcome businesses/associations or other organisations wishing to help. They can email to find out what might be suitable. All sponsors will be recognised on an appropriate plaque on a monument that will stand beside the path for all who walk it to recognise the generosity of the Townsville community. Sponsors fall into one of three classes: Bronze ($1000 to $2999), Silver ($3000 to $5999), Gold (over $5999). Sponsors so far.


Scan the QR Code or click on it to go to application form. 

Remembrance Paver.png

In this podcast, Ellis Developments General Manager Sarah Wheatley is joined by The Oasis Townsville's General Manager Angie Barsby to discuss the Path of Remembrance project that Ellis Developments has reached out to donate resources and labour to  lay the pavers and create the remembrance path.

Some of our sponsors are keen to ensure those who may not be able to afford a paver but want to remember a loved one, so have asked for part of their donation to be made available for that purpose. We appreciate that many veterans may not feel comfortable nominating themselves for a donated paver, but their best friend might.

If you have someone in mind, click here.


We'll select the winners after all pavers needed for the project have been purchased and before the Remembrance path is commenced. 

We are also very grateful to Ellis Developments for their offer to lay the pavers for us when we have enough. 

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