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Charter, Pledge
and Value Proposition

VBA Charter



A Veteran is anyone who has joined the Australian Defence Force to serve their country, from their very first day of service. The commitment to serve in the armed forces of Australia warrants recognition and respect. Australia boasts a military that is among the most highly skilled in the world because ADF members receive world-class training. When a veteran leaves the ADF, they take with them a range of qualifications, training and skills that make them valuable in the civilian workforce. In a competitive market for human capital, it makes sense to consider veteran candidates when looking to hire.


Businesses are finding there are many advantages to looking past the typical 'industry experience' based candidates and are benefiting from hiring veterans who bring new insights, expertise, and innovative thinking to their organisation. Typically, veterans' are self-starters, team players, leaders, risk managers, problem solvers, critical thinkers, good communicators and are values-driven. 


The Oasis Townsville provides a place to meet and connect with other veterans, their families and friends, including referral to the right Ex-Service Organisation (ESO) in Townsville, and to find the best services in Townsville to support integration into the community. Our Veteran Community is 20% of Townsville's population. The Veteran Community, including all current serving soldiers, sailors and aviators and their families, can make a significant impact economically and socially in Townsville when supported appropriately. 


The Veterans Business Alliance (VBA) is an alliance of Townsville's veteran-smart businesses with an interest in harnessing the value of veterans in supporting the economic prosperity of Townsville and the region. Businesses that are members of the Alliance appreciate the value of veterans working for them and want to help other employers appreciate the benefits. 





The mission of the Veterans Business Alliance is to bring like-minded businessmen and women together with a common interest of supporting veterans' employment to enhance their business and support the achievement of economic prosperity for Townsville. 



  1. Familiarise veterans with the value of long term employment. 

  2. Acquaint employers and business and industry leaders with the benefits of employing veterans. 

  3. Facilitate engagements between transitioning veterans and potential employers. 

  4. Maintain a vibrant and networked Veterans Business Alliance community. 



Membership of the VBA is by invitation. Businesses are members of the VBA.

The VBA has a membership comprising businesses in Townsville that have owners, managers and employees who recognise the value of having in their workforce veterans and partners of veterans.

Each business, depending on the level of membership, has one, two or three representatives who are welcome to attend monthly O-Group meetings.

To be eligible for membership a business must meet the following criteria: 

The VBA also has Associate Members who have been Member Representatives and represented a business but no longer represent that business, having changed jobs. Associate Members have expressed a desire to stay on as it is likely that they will represent another business again within the next 12 months. 

Advisers are not members of VBA but valued and trusted advisers which knowledge and positions that can support the effective placement of members of the veteran community into jobs. We value their expertise and advice and welcome their participation in the monthly O-Groups. Advisers are invited to renew at the beginning of each year. 

The VBA Pledge

As a signatory of The Oasis Townsville’s Veterans Business Alliance Pledge

we strive to recognise and promote business activity and businesses that support the Townsville and NQ region Veteran Community.

The main effort is to increase the number of suitable jobs for veterans and their partners employed by smart and understanding employers, to harness the unique skills and characteristics of those who have served their country and in doing so enhance the economic prosperity of Townsville. We pledge the following:

  1. We understand that having meaningful work is central to wellbeing and that this is the biggest hurdle veterans face after transitioning out of ADF service that we intend to support.

  2. We acknowledge the values-based skills (integrity, loyalty, self-discipline and perseverance) that ADF veterans can bring to businesses and the specific qualifications and experience that most have, including being:

    1. a Leader

    2. a Team player

    3. a Self-starter

    4. a Risk manager

    5. a Problem solver

    6. a Good Communicator

  3. We believe that our support of, and involvement in, the VBA will promote a thriving, respected, vibrant, and well-supported veteran community which will enhance the economic and social prosperity of Townsville, which is good for the entire Townsville Community.

  4. We will seek to employ a veteran where suitable.

  5. We will always present a positive case for any business to employ a veteran.

  6. We appreciate that some veterans are less well prepared for the next stage of their life after service in the ADF and may need more support than other potential recruits for a particular job and we will, wherever possible, help to give the veteran a hand-up and into meaningful employment.

  7. We will, to the greatest extent possible, support businesses that employ veterans as a priority in all our business dealings.

  8. We will attend (or ensure our business is represented at) all monthly Alliance networking meetings and VBA veteran community-related activities.

  9. We will conduct business with honesty, integrity, and fairness.

  10. We are registered with the Prime Ministers Veterans' Employment Program.

VBA Value Proposition

Gold Membership - $5000
Silver Membership - $2500
Bronze Membership - $500
Platinum Membership - as arranged separately

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Value Proposition
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