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Social Prescription

Social prescribing is a holistic (non-medical) referral option used by a range of professionals, including GPs and allied medical staff, as well as non-medical professionals working in a range of sectors, to improve the health and wellbeing of their clients. Social Prescription is the practice of referring people to non-medical or community-based services and activities to address their social, emotional, or practical needs. These supports are then ideally delivered where people live - in their own community. It recognizes that the health and wellbeing of a person is influenced by a wide range of factors beyond just medical conditions, and that may include social isolation, mental health, physical activity, and access to community resources.

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This form can also be used by any individual who seeks to support a veteran or a veteran's family members to be better connected to their communities of interest and the wider Community in Townsville.


The Oasis Townsville supports members of the Veteran Community to:

  • get connected to friends and activities,

  • find meaningful work, and

  • plan and prepare for their next 3, 5 and 10 years.


We have a range of preferred service providers and utilise the services of many of the ex-Service Organisations in Townsville and the region, where their services address the needs of the Veteran Community.


Referring members of the veteran community to The Oasis Townsville can be achieved by completing either of the forms (an online form or a PDF):

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