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VET SUPPORT: Solution Focused Mentors


February 2024


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#Small Business, #Education and Training

Frontline Labs now have dedicated business mentors – adding more   value to our Veteran Entrepreneur Training (VET) courses.

Our mentor training program was held earlier this month, and   we’re blown away by the amazing talent that stepped forward to support our   participants.

Mentoring has long been recognised as a powerful tool for   personal and professional development. Solution focused mentoring gained   significant attention for its ability to drive positive outcomes and empower   individuals to overcome challenges. It focuses on identifying and amplifying   strengths, exploring possibilities, and setting clear, achievable goals.

By shifting the focus from problems to solutions, mentors can   help mentees tap into their inner strengths and capabilities. This approach   fosters a sense of self-efficacy and resilience, enabling individuals to   tackle obstacles with a positive and proactive mindset.

The additional support and encouragement that a mentor can offer   are immensely valuable. The journey of entrepreneurship is often fraught with   uncertainty and setbacks, and having a mentor who believes in your vision and   offers solution thinking can be a source of motivation and resilience.

Having a dedicated mentoring team for our VET participants will   further enhance the opportunities in what is already a highly successful   program.

Want to know more about Frontline Labs’ Solution Focused   Business Mentoring or have this program delivered at your workplace? Contact   us at

For more info please call
The Oasis Townsville
on 07-4759 8777

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