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Street Names in The Village

Not only is the site of The Oasis Townsville at The Village in Oonoonba (most recently the Department of Primary Industry station) appropriate due its use during WWII as the 13th Australian Personnel Staging Camp for those transitioning in and out of the Army during the war, but the street names make it more so.

The name of the Park opposite The Oasis Townsville is 'Rawdon Middleton VC Park'.

Here is a PDF Map of The Village Master Plan. The Oasis Townsville is located at the corner of Darter and Colvin Streets at the place on the map shown as 'Mixed use'. 

These ate the designated street names as issued by the developers and approved by the appropriate authority:

Bantam Lane

SS Bantam - Dutch ship targeted in Townsville raid by Japanese

Blakely Crescent

Clem Blakely - Australian Commanding Officer of 1WU*

Burstall Street

Lawrence Wilbur Burtsall - Killed in action in WWII

Bushlark Street

Small, short, thickset bird with short sparrow-like bill

Clegg Lane

John Clegg - Early landholder of Oonoonba/Fairfield/Idalia 1884-1934

Craddock Lane

Robert Lawrence Craddock - Harbour Board Chair 1904-1905 and 1906-1910

Darter Street

Australasian darter bird

Ede Lane

Clarence Ede - upholsterer and supplier of tents to Mount Isa tent city in the 1930's

Emily Lane

Emily - Allied designation for the Japanese Kawanishi aircraft that bombed Townsville

Goode Lane

Cyril Goode - Flight Lieutenant who spotted the first recorded Japanese reconnaissance plane over Townsville on 21 March, 1942 from an observation post on Kissing Point

Harriger Lane

Robert Harriger - US pilot who intercepted and fired on the Japanese on 29 July, 1942

Holyoak Avenue

John Holyoak - Air Raid Precaution Warden for North Ward

Huxley Crescent

William Huxley - Member of the Australian Army Bomb Disposal Team

Intercept Circuit

World War II relevant term

Lafferty Circuit

Terrence Lafferty Principal of former Townsville Technical College, Stanley & Walker Street

Leggett Crescent

Madsen Street

Madsen and Watson - Contractors engaged to construct the former Lion Brewery which opened in late 1894.

Matheson Circuit

Miss Matheson - Australia woman based North Ward who tracked the Japanese flying boat from its Rabaul base to Townsville.

Mizuno View

Kunitaro Mizuno - Co-pilot associated with the raid on Townsville

Pepperdene Crescent

Mary Pepperdene - Early landholder of Oonoonba/Fairfield/Idalia 1884-1934

Polin Lane

A.B. Polin - designed the bandstand in what is now Anzac Park on the Strand in 1913.

Riveredge Boulevard

Named 'Riveredge' based on the location (near River Boulevard and considering its direction toward the river). 'Boulevard' to reflect the wide tree-lined thoroughfare.

Stanfield Crescent

Herbert Stanfield - Early landholder of Oonoonba/Fairfield/Idalia 1884-1934

Tucker Lane

Arthur Tucker - Pilot Officer who tried to intercept the first Japanese reconnaissance plane over Townsville on 21 March, 1942

Blackmann Street

C. Blackmann - Architect who designed Magnetic House at 143-149 Flinders Street East, initiated late 1885 or early 1886.

Boulton Street

Harry Boulton - Early landholder of Oonoonba/Fairfield/Idalia 1884-1934

Burwah Crescent

SS Burwah - ship moored at Townsville and targeted by the Japanese

Carfoot Lane