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Review of DVA-Funded ESO Advocacy and Welfare Services

Department of Veterans Affairs - Repatriation Commissioner Mr Bill Rolfe

1 December 2010

The Review concluded that the basic premise that should apply for grant funding is that monies
are provided to assist ESOs to provide services and that ESOs be required to contribute to the
overall cost of these services. Secondly, the funds should in large part be provided where there
is an integrated approach to service delivery in areas of high veteran numbers and need.
Support for existing and prospective Veteran Support Centres leads logically to “Funding
Principles” and application of a “Funding Formula”. In the move to achieving integration, it is
proposed that grant funding is provided for demonstration projects in regional NSW and
Queensland, other sites be identified for targeted support by Deputy commissioners, and that
there is investment in IT system development to better support ESO and DVA processes and

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