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Erin Donnelly

What is your role in The Oasis Townsville?

I am the Volunteer Manager. I started in Sep 18 and I’m currently undertaking training in a Cert IV Coordinating a Volunteer Program.

Tell us about yourself


I come from a family where my father and mother where in the Army and I was born in Malaya when Dad was posted with 2AOD to Malaya. I affectionately refer to myself as an ‘army brat’. I joined the Army at 19 and retired in 1999. My husband Noel was also in the Army and served in Malaya and Somalia. My favourite time was being posted to Townsville with Noel and our many friends. I finished in the Army as a WO2 with HQ 3 Bde and 3BASB and we decided to remain in Townsville. I then commenced work as a public servant with Defence. I retired in Jan 19. Since then I enjoy finally getting to concentrate on the things I love; my family, holidays with family and friends, the garden, and our furry friends and horse racing.

Why have you joined the team at The Oasis Townsville?

When considering my retirement, I decided I would do some volunteering and naturally volunteering for an organisation/s that support veterans and their families seemed very natural for me. I am currently supported by Legacy and I understand how important these organisations are.

What are you most proud of in your life?

There are many, but serving, being part of a family that has a strong Defence connection, being part of a wonderful family, having the best parents, and getting through the most tragic part of my life. Noel would be proud.

What’s the best fun you’ve had with family and/or friends?

There are two, fishing with Noel and his buddies, and Xmas with my family. We do silly things like dance to music like no-one is watching, charades, and of course eat lots of food and laugh.

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