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Angie Barsby

What is your role in The Oasis Townsville?

I am the Executive Leader (GM) and commenced in April 2021

Tell us about yourself


I grew up in Brisbane and that is where I got married and had my 2 beautiful boys. We moved to Townsville in 2013. I loved the laid-back lifestyle Townsville offered and thought it would be a great place to bring up children and I like the weather. I much prefer the warmth than the cold.

I have worked in the community/mainstream sector for over 25 years now and over 20 years in leadership roles. I am very passionate about helping people and making difference. I have experience working with organisation through significant change management pieces and assisting organisations building their business from the ground up. Being able to reflect and look back at the difference that is being made no matter how big or small, is what continues to motivate and excite me.

I feel so privileged to be given the opportunity to be part of The Oasis Townsville and leading the organisation to what will be life changing for the Veteran community and their families in Townsville. I have supported Veterans throughout my career in various roles and I know the difference it makes when people feel connected, supported and have a purpose.

Why have you joined the team at The Oasis Townsville?

I joined as I wanted to be part of an organisation that is making a difference in peoples lives, as that is what I am passionate about.

What are you most proud of in your life?

My 2 boys would be what I am most proud of. They make me laugh every day with either something the say or something they do.

What’s the best fun you’ve had with family and/or friends?

Camping holidays with my 2 boys and my husband, it's great to be able to get away and just relax in the great outdoors. We also love to water ski and have a ski boat, so we do lots of skiing when we camp.

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