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Oasis Program(s):

Something to Look Forward to, Social Connection

Stuck at Townsville Private Clinic

Veteran who had spent nine months at Townsville Private Clinic and did not want to leave as he did not feel he was capable of functioning independently in the community nor finding a suitable place to live.

A Plans and Linkages Coordinators at Homebase got to the bottom of his concerns and anxieties and upon discovering support and suitable place to live were the key concerns, arranged suitable rental accommodation. He felt comfortable enough at Homebase not long after he settled into new rental accommodation that he bought a date for a coffee to Homebase. He met her in the local community. He now visits us as family at Homebase regularly.

Ron was referred to The Oasis by Townsville Private Clinic (TPC). Staff had exhausted clinical means of transitioning their client out of the centre and into the community. Ron had several personal challenges that impacted his transition and successful integration back into the community. Ron was bought to Homebase by TPC staff for a meeting with a Plans and Linkages Coordinator. The meeting went very well with Ron discovering that there was a table tennis table at Homebase. Turns out he loves table tennis. Ron had been struggling to source a rental that would support his needs and challenges. Our planner was able to quickly use our resources to identify a solution to his needs and supported Ron to connect and complete applications for rentals in the region.
Within 2 weeks, an appropriate rental had been found, and Ron was approved and ready to move in. After 9 months of not wanting to leave the clinic due to his fears Ron moved into his own flat, with NDIS supports and Veterans White Card mental health supports.
Ron now describes his wellbeing as “better than ever” and he had a future vision in his head for his life.
Weeks later, Ron appeared one morning at the table tennis table with a lady he met at the shopping centre. He eventually plucked up the courage to ask her out for a coffee at Dirty Boots Café. Ron brought her to meet his friends…at Homebase.


Ron continues to live in his "home" and is supported by his NDIS and outreach psychologist supports. Ron visits Homebase to have a game of table tennis and to "check that we are ok here!"

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