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Oasis Program(s):

Something to Look Forward to

Recovery Journey starts at The Oasis

A brave and proud veteran turned up at Homebase and did not immediately reveal how poorly off she was. One of our Plans and Linkages Coordinators had a compassionate discussion with her, and she broke down and cried with relief that we could and would help.

We organised temporary accommodation at Zac's Place and made a warm referral to Open Arms immediately. She also joined in some of the connections activities at Homebase. Later we arranged work experience with a VBA member business, and she is now a manager and very happy.

A young female veteran came into The Oasis Townsville Homebase recently and seemed interested in what we could do to help veterans. One of our Plans and Linkages Coordinators showed her around and then sat with her to discuss how we could help. It didn't take too long before our P&L Coordinator recognised a significant number of issues this veteran was experiencing and that we could help. The young lady broke down and cried when she realised we could and would help her with what seemed to her to be an overwhelming number of problems compounding each other.


This young female veteran was helped initially with the support of VVAA and Zacs Place, and Open Arms. Not long after, she was supported to find a job and since has been promoted to a managerial position. She now also has permanent accommodation.

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