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Oasis Program(s):

Meaningful Work

Now they can't get rid of me!

After discharging due to pain in his back and feeling he could no longer do the job, his relationship broke down and Stuart found himself without anything except his dog, his bike. Stuart soon found himself homeless and considering suicide due to the pain in his back and poor mental health. Even though Stuart was employed, his work place was rife with bullying and minimum wage. The job was also labour intensive and so by the time he finished each day, Stuart was in so much pain that he couldn’t do anything else.

A good friend of Stuart's brought him into The Oasis, but in Stuart's words, "dragged him into The Oasis." One of the Planning Co-ordinators met with Stuart and straight away linked him in with Open Arms for his mental health. Stuart's DVA White Card was also applied for and the claims process was started. Again, in Stuart's own words, "The Oasis gave me hope and a light at the end of the tunnel, helping me navigate the system and getting me in the right direction to get fixed." The Oasis also introduced Stuart to TAFE QLD and courses he could do for free, to upskill and make him more employable as well as organised a resume for him.

Over the coming months, Stuart's mental health went from strength to strength thanks to the support he was receiving at Open Arms and at The Oasis. As the team at The Oasis got to know Stuart and Stuart got to know more about how The Oasis supports veterans; a flame started. That flame was Stuart's own passion for supporting veterans. The team saw this and before long, offered him a job working at The Oasis. Stuart jumped at the opportunity and took on a role as a Business Support Officer, while in training to eventually be a Planning Co-ordinator.


Stuart loves his new job. Not only is it easier on his body, but he finds it so rewarding being able to help veterans in need of help. He now enjoys getting out of bed in the morning. In Stuart's own words, "it’s great to learn that help and support is there for veterans who are down on their luck, it’s given me a purpose and ambition to be the best that I can be, and to grow as a person."

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