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Social Connection

My 'Third Place'

Peter is uncomfortable about having not deployed and does not feel eligible to be called a veteran or to be accessing facilities and services intended for veterans.

Peter is a frequenter of Homebase and has his favourite corner inside. He has been a frequent visitor and at first was not very talkative, but after some work by different members of Team Oasis, he opened up. Despite his mental health struggles and feelings of a lack of entitlement to belong to the veteran community, he returns to what he refers to as his 'Third Place" as he feels safe and welcome at Homebase.

The Veteran regularly attends Homebase to have a coffee and sit in his regular spot in the main building. Members of Team Oasis became aware of his history and the nagging doubts about his service by simply saying hello to him. Peter has confided in us that he often struggles with his own mental health and the embarrassment of not being able to deploy. He describes The Oasis Townsville as his "third place", his safe place where he is known and has people who look forward to seeing him. Something that, at times, makes his days bearable.


The Veteran continues to come to his "Third Place", and swaps stories with other Veterans in the building and his regular attendance enables our Team to continue to check on his welfare.

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