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Oasis Program(s):

Social Connection, Something to Look Forward to

Feeling like a respected veteran now

An older veteran attended The Oasis who had not previously heard of The Oasis but had also never had any idea that services existed to support veterans or that there was such thing as a veteran community.

Trevor (not real name) enjoyed a coffee and a chat with one of the Planning Co-ordinators and as the veteran learned more about The Oasis, became increasingly interested in social connections.

Fast forward twelve months and the veteran is not only a regular and familiar face at The Oasis, but at other veteran organisations around Townsville – it is hard to slow them down.

During the last year, along with attending many social connection events, the veteran purchased a laptop and completed free introductory computer courses run by The Oasis. Previous to this, the veteran was computer illiterate.


Trevor found so much joy and connection in social activities, has improved in computer skills, has made new friends and is known by name by all The Oasis Townsville staff - something the veteran is quite chuffed about. Trevor’s carer advised that the veteran’s favourite part of the week is when anyone who sees them at The Oasis stops to say hello.

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