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Social Connection

Banjos breakthrough

Hamish had been struggling to manage his life after he sustained a brain injury and was finding difficult to find and engage any support.

Hamish came to Banjos one morning and got speaking to a staff member about opportunities to get out of the house and meet some people. He had heard about Banjo's breakfast through other support workers who had attended with clients so Hamish thought he would take a bus over to Fairfield then walk down the 3 kilometre walk to the centre.

Upon connecting with a member of Team Oasis at Banjos we identified some options in Hamish's community to connect with and also began speaking about helping him with access to NDIS. Hamish has a DVA White Card but needs other support. Hamish was unaware of how to access NDIS, so we supported him in getting the necessary paperwork together and submitting his application.

Hamish also identified that he had very little to do, and he was encouraged to volunteer with The Oasis Townsville and look at the social connections program of activities being conducted at Homebase and elsewhere.

Hamish was accepted as a volunteer at The Oasis Townsville and has since become a regular supporter at the community events we are involved in. At one event soon after joining he was a member of the delivery team for a lunch for the 2/4RAR Association, at which over 250 meals were prepared and served. At this function, Hamish found himself surrounded by people he had known in his past and after the event he met up with several attendees for a meal during the week of the reunion. Hamish continues to be a part of the volunteer crew and has helped at The Oasis Open Day and Invictus Archery Event. Hamish is a regular at the Banjo's Breakfast each fortnight, and we have seen his confidence skyrocket. He is often seen meeting new people and chatting during the morning.

We were also able to find Hamish employment with a veteran-owned business.

He still gets up early to get the bus and walk down to the centre as he sees this as something important, and enjoyable in his new lease on life.


Hamish has become a regular attendee at Homebase events as a key volunteer. He regularly attends Banjos. Hamish's NDIS application is still being considered. Hamish has now been connected with part-time employment through our team with a local veteran business.

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