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Meaningful Work

Apparently I Am Overqualified

This veteran voluntarily discharged from the military after almost thirty years. They went straight into a full-time civilian role with no concerns, and this was the case for a couple of years. When they were made redundant, they did not worry too much as they were confident they would soon find employment again. However, over the coming months, this ended up not being the case. The veteran applied for job after job but was always told they were too qualified. As savings started to dry up and the veteran’s mental health declined, they found themselves attending The Oasis.

The veteran was linked in with the Employment Co-ordinator who assisted them in having their resume overhauled, cover letter created and interview skills refined through a professional company at no cost. The veteran was also linked in with a Planning Co-ordinator. Through this connection the veteran was introduced to RSL QLD for wellbeing and financial assistance, and free financial counselling, to make the most of the savings the veteran had left.

With ongoing encouragement from the team at The Oasis, ongoing financial assistance from RSL QLD, the veteran managed to make it through this dark period and is now thrilled to have advised the team, they have landed a role! And it is a role that matches their qualifications and skills, as well as pays appropriately for someone of that level.


A recent check in with the veteran by the Employment Co-ordinator confirmed the role is one they are enjoying and in their exact words, “Thank you and to the Oasis team for the support and assistance."

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