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Productivity Commission Inquiry Report - Mental Health

Productivity Commission

30 June 2020

Mental ill-health affects all Australians either directly or indirectly. Almost one in five Australians has experienced mental illness in a given year. Many do not receive the treatment and support they need. As a result, too many people experience preventable physical and mental distress, disruptions in education and employment, relationship breakdown, stigma, and loss of life satisfaction and opportunities.

Reform of the mental health system would produce large benefits. These are mainly improvements in people’s quality of life — valued at up to $18 billion annually. There would be an additional annual benefit of up to $1.3 billion due to increased economic participation. About 90% of the benefits — about $17 billion — could be achieved by adopting identified priority reforms, requiring expenditure of up to $2.4 billion and generating savings of up to $1.2 billion per year.

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