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Paving The Path of Remembrance

Thursday, 2 November 2023

Townsville’s multi-award-winning builder Ellis Developments is pleased to be partnering with
The Oasis Townsville to construct a Path of Remembrance displaying names of veterans who
served in the Australian Defence Force.

Ellis Developments will donate the labour and materials to carry out and complete the
installation of the path to be located from the side of Dirty Boots Cafe to the front door of
The Oasis Townsville’s main building.

In a further show of support the local builder has made a generous donation of $1000, the
equivalent of 10 bricks, contributing to the total 500 bricks required to construct the path.
Ellis Developments General Manager Sarah Wheatley said she is thrilled to team up with The
Oasis Townsville to support the Veteran community.

“As a construction business it is fitting that we jump on board and construct the Path of
Remembrance and purchase some bricks for the project.

“We work with Australian Defence Force personnel regularly to construct housing, so to
reach out and support our Veterans really is an honour,” said Ms Wheatley.

For a donation of $100 per brick, The Oasis Townsville will inscribe a brick with a nominated
Veterans name to be laid into the Path of Remembrance as a lasting memory and token of
support for the Veteran Community.

The Oasis Townsville General Manager Angie Barsby said, the ‘Path of Remembrance’ is not
just a walkway, it’s a journey of remembrance and appreciation. Anyone can buy a brick and
help us pave the way to honour and support our Veterans, ensuring that their sacrifices and
contributions are never forgotten.

“As Remembrance Day approaches, The Oasis Townsville wishes to extend its heartfelt
gratitude to all who have served. The ‘Path of Remembrance’ not only pays tribute to their
dedication but also encourages family members to ensure that the memory of their loved
ones who served lives on in a tangible way.

We wish to convey our deep appreciation to Ellis Development for their generous donation
of 10 bricks and their invaluable assistance in laying the pathway. Your support is truly
invaluable, and we thank you wholeheartedly” Mrs Barsby said.

The Oasis Townsville provides members of the Veteran community a place to connect with
others in our community, and the civilian community, by being involved in activities of
mutual interest, in a place where they feel safe, respected, and comfortable.

To show support and ‘buy a brick’ the community can visit

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