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There is a lack of financial support/advice for veterans being awarded large sums of money for payouts and some are making big mistakes in handling the money.



Veteran Community Needs Affected:

Sufficient Income, Appropriate Compensation, Respect & Recognition

Issue Details

We've seen some veterans awarded large sums with little or no financial advice to best manage it for the long term. Some have made poor decisions and find themselves in more trouble financially.

Likely Cause of the Issue

Lack of appropriate, timely financial advice. There is a limited number of suitable qualified financial advisers aware of the Veteran space to provide competent information based on the relevant Acts and the impact of the changing Veteran environment. 

Possible Solution

Identify an organisation/person (wellbeing advocate) to arrange financial advice. Get funding support to provide it.

Who is likely to be responsible to fix this?

Financial Advice, DVA

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