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Wellbeing Program Team

This Team resides in the Wellbeing Hut and supports the needs of members of the veteran community by helping them find what they are looking for in the way of services in Townsville. We call them Wellbeing Navigators. In some cases all that is required is to listen and support a veteran or family member and perhaps find a service that suits from our comprehensive Service Directory; in other cases, the more challenging individuals and families will require support from a skilled Wellbeing Navigator who is more closely qualified as a social worker. We can manage any and all of these people along this continuum and will provide whatever training and skilling is necessary to grow the capability of our Wellbeing Navigators.

Rest assured we will only ever assign a case for which our Navigator and Wellbeing Program Manager have complete confidence it is within the skills and capabilities of the potentially assigned Wellbeing Navigator.

This Team also contains our Compensation Advocate capability. These people have begun a competency based training regime to qualify as compensation advocates.

If you are interested in joining the Wellbeing Program Team, please use the specific application form button above.

Compassionate, life skills and life experience, patient, empathetic, friendly

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