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Oasis Program(s):

Meaningful Work

Transferable Skills Set Up Lifestyle

Ben served for 7.5 years as a Combat Engineer & 3 years as a Plant Operator and was a Lance Corporal for 7 years. This allowed Ben to develop transferable skills including; Leadership, Logistics Management, Operations Planning and Resource Management providing a pathway to job opportunities in the private sector.

The education provided by the Oasis to the private sector on the benefits available through employing Defence veterans and their transferable skills has created a more informed decision basis for companies when seeking and engaging employees. Shamrock Civil recognised and seized this opportunity to support our valued Defence community.

Ben married a Townsville lady and they now have a son aged 4 and a daughter aged 3. Ben decided to seek a job that allowed a family-friendly lifestyle of availability with his loved ones on a daily basis, and where his wife could also be with family. On introduction to Shamrock Civil, Ben demonstrated that he had a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge that would prove beneficial to both Shamrock and himself in delivering work on Defence projects. Ben commenced as a Civil Works Supervisor and has proven his worth in this role with a new career path.


This proved to be a Win/Win outcome with Ben gaining his desired family lifestyle while still doing the type of work that he enjoys, and Shamrock have gained a work ready skilled employee with valuable experience and knowledge of working with Defence operations.

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