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Final report to the Independent Review of Past Defence and Veteran Suicides

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)

29 September 2022

+In the study cohort, there were 216,640 living or deceased ADF members: 118,584 ex‑serving, 55,438 serving, and 42,618 reserves.
+Of these, 61% Army, 20% Navy and 19% Air Force.
+84% of ADF members are males and 16% are females.
+Serving members were younger than reserve and ex-serving members, with nearly two‑thirds (66%) aged under 35 years compared with 44% of reserve and 28% of ex‑serving members in the same age group.
+Ex-serving and reserve members were generally older than serving members, with 41% and 34% aged 45 years and over, respectively, compared with 17% of serving members.

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