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Volunteer managers recognised

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

The unsung heroes who quietly go about changing lives by providing leadership and direction that allow people to build a better society will be celebrated around the world on Friday (November 5).
As part of the celebrations, The Oasis Townsville will host a morning tea to acknowledge the work that Volunteer Managers do within the organisation and around the world.

The Oasis Chair, Lieutenant General John Caligari said it was important to take the time to recognise and reflect on the contributions and impact volunteer managers have within organisations.

“The Oasis Townsville provides a number of volunteer opportunities that create a platform for people to connect with others,” Mr Caligari said.

“We know the importance that personal connections play in improving mental and physical health, but people also want to feel like they are contributing and are valued.

“Our volunteer program is a vital cog in our operations, not only delivering significant benefits to our operational capability but by providing a place for volunteers to come and feel appreciated.

“However, volunteer programs don’t just happen, it takes a lot of time and effort to effectively coordinate volunteer activities. Managing volunteers requires specialist skills and knowledge to design, implement and manage successful programs and individuals.

“Volunteer Managers provide leadership and direction that make the most of peoples time, talent and efforts that, if not managed properly, are at risk of being wasted.

“We are very grateful for the contributions our volunteers make in our organisations and we know that this wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of our Volunteer Managers.”

International Volunteer Managers Day is a global initiative that has been running since 2006.

For more information on volunteering opportunities at The Oasis Townsville visit

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