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Selfless Veteran Partner Keeps on Giving

Wednesday, 21 June 2023

Townsville Veteran partner, Ashlee Adams raised her arms as she crossed the line after finishing a challenging 113km half Ironman over the weekend and smashing her $500 fundraising goal for The Oasis Townsville.

Ms Adams decided in March this year after a colleague had planted the seed, to compete in the Ironman 70.3 in Cairns with no experiencing competing in either a triathlon or Ironman event. Taking on this remarkable task, Ms Adams committed to taking things up a notch by also fundraising for The Oasis Townsville.

“As a partner of a Veteran I know the importance of what The Oasis Townsville does, I believe in the organisation and if my fundraising efforts help just one Veteran access the great services The Oasis offers, then I’m beyond happy,” Ms Adams said.

General Manager for The Oasis Townsville, Angie Barsby said we are very grateful for Ashlee’s remarkable efforts in fundraising for our organisation. Ashlee’s dedication, passion, and unwavering support will greatly assist our mission and will hopefully inspire others to do something similar.

Starting in the early hours on Sunday 18 June, Ms Adams swam, biked and ran 113kms in 7.5 hours. Starting with an ocean swim of 1.9km, followed by the bike leg of 90km’s including hill climbs and finally the run of 21.1kms.

“The instant I jumped into the water one of my goggles lens filled with salt water, so I had one eye on the orange directional buoys and the other a blurry vision of arms and legs from the other competitors. I’m really grateful that I decided to do a triathlon a few weeks ago, as a taste test for things to come. I was completely ready for battering of arms and legs, and I got through the swim leg really well and the water temperature was just gorgeous,” Ms Adams said.

“So many people warned me about the hills on the bike ride, so I overprepared for it, I got a bit puffy but that’s it. I actually stopped to let one of the competitors use my bike pump so he could get back on the road. He overtook me a few kilometers down the road, ha ha, but I was just thinking that if that was me waiting for assistance, I’d want someone to stop and help. So that’s what I did.

“On the last leg, the run, I was a bit numb after the bike ride but my legs came back to me. I saw someone running who looked a little wobbly and asked if she needed anything, so I handed over my gel pack, an easy to consume energy boost.

“My partner was there supporting me through the whole event, and there were some incredible supporters who would see my name written across my chest, and yell Ash you are doing amazing. This was so nice to hear and kept me going.

“I have come out of this with a new mindset, knowing that I can do anything now. I have mentally flicked the switch, that when fear and doubt creeps in, I know I can go beyond it.

“If anyone is thinking about doing something like this, I would say just do it! The best way to do better at something is to do that thing and have a level of understanding and respect for whatever that activity is. I am so delighted that I now get to hand over a cheque for $761 to The Oasis Townsville. This far exceeded my goal of $500. I am grateful to everyone who has donated and supported me, Ms Adams said.

Mrs Barsby said The Oasis relies on fundraising, donations, sponsorships, and grants as we don’t generate any of the income we need. Support in these vital areas not only sustains our organisation but also fuels our vision and enables us to continue making a profound impact in the lives of the Veteran Community. We are grateful and thank Ashlee for her contribution.”

If you would like to donate or sponsor an activity, please visit The Oasis Townsville’s website and click on ‘Get Involved’. If you need further information, please call on 4759 8711.

MEDIA CONTACT: Renée Gardner | RANDI Digital - 0416 051 158

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