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Job support for the veteran community

Sunday, 25 July 2021

Veterans will now have the chance to access professional employment support services as part of a holistic wellbeing program operating out of their new home base.

The Oasis Townsville has incorporated an employment coordination service into its hugely successful wellbeing program that will focus on a key element of the program’s 10 human needs framework.

"The Oasis Chair, Lieutenant General John Caligari said, our philosophy is that everyone needs something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to. We translate that into a job, a team and a plan. Finding meaningful work is one of three keys to a happy life".

“Finding meaning work, whether that is in employment, owning your own business or volunteering, is one of the most critical components of our 10 human needs framework that provides the foundation for our comprehensive wellbeing program.

We have recently appointed Mrs Andrea Smalley as our Employment Coordinator who will bring together a significant number of agencies and organisations to help work through the stages from preparation to securing employment", Caligari said.

Employment Coordinator Mrs Andrea Smalley said, "Our service is provided for all veterans from those who are serving and in the early days of thinking about the transition to those who have been out of the ADF for years, and their partners too".

"Where applicable, we work closely with ADF Transitions to harness Defence funded employment services. Our goal is to understand what type of employment individuals are looking for and refer them to the appropriate service providers to assist. Importantly, we monitor the performance of referred agencies to ensure the best service for the veteran community.

"Support provided can include help with writing resumes, understanding what additional training or education may be required and support with interview preparation, presentation or even what volunteering options may be available.

“Our capability extends to providing services to connect veterans and their partners with organisations that can assist them in starting their own business.

“Essentially, we will continue to build a strong network of specialised employment and training providers who we can refer people to, with the objective of finding meaningful work.” Smalley said.

To find out more about accessing the employment coordination service at The Oasis Townsville, contact Andrea Smalley on 07 4759 8727 or visit

ENDS… Media contact: Michael Baker; 0417 900 545

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