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Blue Tree Sparks Mental Health Conversations

Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Creating a conversation about mental health can be a challenge, but The Oasis Townsville is combatting this through The Blue Tree Project and installing three blue trees at Homebase.

General Manager of The Oasis Townsville Angie Barsby, said The Blue Tree project is all about sparking difficult conversations and encouraging people to speak up about battling with mental health concerns.

“We want Veterans and the community to see the trees and ask what it’s about. This simple conversation starter can lead into a more meaningful discussion. Sometimes the most important conversations are the ones that should have been had,” Mrs Barsby said.

“The Oasis Townsville and Shed3 have joined forces to create and install the Blue Trees with the aim of raising awareness, educating and opening up conversations about mental health.

For months, Shed3 and local Veterans have been finger crocheting to create a blue dress for the trees. The gatherings to complete the work is an opportunity to connect, socialise and have conversations. Art can be a powerful way to engage and reflect on the mental wellbeing of the artist, or in this case artists and the viewer.”

The three blue trees can be seen just outside of Dirty Boots Café at The Oasis Townsville which is accessible to the entire Veteran community, their families, and the broader Townsville community.

“We welcome everyone to come and have a look at the blue trees. This project has
brought a splash of colour to the space and will help raise awareness and educate the community about mental health,” Mrs Barsby said.

“Veterans and their families are welcome to access planning support, education, social connections and referral pathways through The Oasis Townsville.”

The Oasis Townsville located at 1 Staging Camp Avenue, Oonoonba is open between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday.

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