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ADF experience is desireable

All jobs at
The Oasis Townville
Supporting the Veteran Community are filled at present.

Watch this page for opportunities
Why Us

We have 15 employees at The Oasis Townsville. Most are ex-serving veterans or partners of current-serving (ADF members) and ex-serving veterans, and many have been with us since we began operations in 2020.


This is a great place to work, especially if your passion is to support the veteran community to thrive.

We proudly hire veterans and veterans' partners. Their work ethic, communications skills, critical thinking and team work make them invaluable assets to our team.


Join us and build a rewarding career with a company that respects service to our nation—including partners and family members who have supported their veterans.


We do have vacancies on occasion. But not a the moment. 

Let us know now you are interested...

If you'd like us to contact you when we have a vacancy, please write to us.


We'd like to hear in your own words:

  • what you could do to help,

  • what you love doing and

  • what you are good at.


Write to and let us know you are interested, along with some contact details. If you have a CV, please send that also. We'll then contact you when the next job opens.


An Employer of Choice 

We expect that those who apply for a job at The Oasis Townsville have a passion for supporting the Veteran Community in Townsville. We'll welcome and support you in joining our team and enjoying the experience of being a team member.


The following are some of the initiatives we employ to make joining and settling-in effective. If you have recently transitioned, these initiatives will be of particular interest.

  1. We have a specific program to support veterans and partners onboard and you will be mentored by a veteran or another partner as appropriate through the joining journey.

  2. We have flexible work arrangements, including effectively employing the 4-day week, and are very accommodating for veterans needing to attend medical and other appointments during work hours.

  3. We acknowledge the potential skills gap in what you may have been doing and what you'd like to do and we support training and education to achieve your goals.

  4. You are always surrounded by others who appreciate your experience. A supportive environment helps us all thrive.

  5. We also run a very effective employment program finding work for veterans and partners in Townsville and all over Australia, should you want to spread your wings having settled in to the civilian world. We'll find that meaningful work for you and your family. 

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