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February 2022

Off to a flying start to the year

Well, we are off to a flying start with a little bit of a dampener from the rise of Omicron. We are still operational and focusing on safety while providing the services we can to the veteran community. The big news is we have a new Connections Coordinator. And we are in the final stages of launching our own coffee brand. The Employment landscape is also filled with opportunities. This month we will hold our first formal Veterans Business Alliance networking meeting at Home Base. We have just signed off on the development of an Uber-like rating system for our service providers based on our smartphone app. We've made some enhancements to our Hut Booking System to make it simpler and safer for all, including ourselves as usage numbers are getting big.

We have worked hard to ensure our procedures to keep Team Oasis and all clients, program participants, café patrons, and visitors are kept safe. All of Team Oasis are vaccinated for their protection and we have special procedures in place to best handle all clients who may need our help. Activity at Home Base is very carefully monitored and approved by the GM to ensure the best protection for members of Team Oasis and those utilising Home Base. Everything is working out nicely so far. We have had several ESOs using our facility as theirs is closed for Omicron. We are very pleased we can help.

We have welcomed Josh Miller to Team Oasis as our Connections Coordinator. He is finding his feet very quickly and has already added significant value to how we organise and best conduct activity at Home Base. He has given the Connections Survey a make-over and he's watching results carefully. While some of our programs have been delayed, most will kick off in the second week of February. It is great to have Josh on board. Prevention through Connection is the motto carried over from Operation COMPASS and bringing the veteran community to our Home Base just to have a place to chill is important for everyone.

Dirty Boots Café has analysed all the feedback provided by patrons. We've had a QR code active for the last 6 months since we landed at Home Base, to help take coffee lovers directly to a feedback and rating questionnaire that has led to our own coffee being sourced. We hope to have that coffee available at Dirty Boots soon. We appreciate very much all those who gave us feedback and allowed us to better understand what our customers want. Coming soon...

Employment is fast becoming the main effort. We've had significant success in the placement of veterans and partners in jobs and the meaningful workspace just gets more crowded each day. We are overwhelmed by the opportunities we find and could offer to our veteran community. While we tap into the services of other organisations doing a good job of supporting meaningful employment, we are focussing specifically on Townsville Business and the creation of the Veterans Business Alliance. It will have its first networking meeting this month and we'll give priority to members for job advertising to access veteran and partner candidates. The VBA will eventually have all businesses as members as they will all appreciate the value of having a veteran as an employee.

Our smartphone app is about to get better. We have developers working on an enhancement that will allow for booking appointments in the app and for clients to rate their experiences and outcomes. We'll keep it simple, it will be a one to five-star rating for each and comment if needed. We want to ensure we are directing our veteran and partner clients to the best services in Townsville. If you don't have the app yet, especially if you’re a coffee lover and want to order ahead, there is a QR code on Home Page. We are adding resources by the day also.

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