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Matt Lyons

I am one of the directors looking to provide my experience and expertise as a law enforcement first responder within the Townsville Community. The health and well-being of contributors to our community have always been important to me. The mission and vision of The Oasis Townsville will enhance opportunities for current and ex-service personnel to integrate and make an impact in our community.

Barbie Keller

I am a born and bred Townsville local who has been in the Queensland Police Service for almost 25 years. I have a wife who is also a serving Police officer and 4 children. I am committed to serving the community to provide safety and solutions to ensure we can all live a prosperous life.

I am excited to have joined The Oasis Townsville Board to be part of a passionate team of people to provide connections to improve the wellbeing of those in their time of need.

I am proud of my family, I enjoy watching my children play sport, dance and spending time with my wife.

I have fun taking my mind off work by challenging myself by doing crossfit. It helps keep my mind healthy and enables me to interact with a diverse range of great people.

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