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Barbie Keller

I am one of the volunteer directors on The Oasis Townsville board. It is a new role for me. Having separated from full time service, this is a fulfilling role for me to give back to the veteran community and to remain engaged.

Barbie Keller

I joined the Army following a career in hospitality, looking for a new career where I could continue to travel, serve my country and connect with my family's service history. Following my full-time service, I transferred to an Army Reserve. My Army Reserve service kept me actively engaged until recent transfer to an inactive status.

I live and work in the Gladstone region, maintaining a connection to the local defence community. I work in a coastal marine research organisation and am an avid scuba diver in my spare time. I’m a dog person and embrace frequent walks along the beach at home.

I was looking for a volunteer opportunity. The Oasis Townsville gives me an ideal means to fulfil my desire to give back to the community. As a veteran and one that has undertaken a transfer in service, The Oasis vision speaks to me. I believe in The Oasis and what it does for veterans and the veteran community.

For me, my family connections as veterans are at the forefront of my mind. My family's experiences and transition after different wars, from World Wars to Vietnam, are stark reminders of the reasons we need to support transitioning service personnel.

I am most proud of the decisions I've made to support others - decisions for my soldiers, decisions to support local kids while on deployment, working to give back to the veteran community and marine conservation.

I'll always treasure experiences with family on holidays in Victoria. I'll never get those times back. Mum would pack us all into the car, trek south over many days to spend the best times with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Every summer in Victoria was excellent.

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