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are still operating and taking enquiries as volunteers are working from home.

The Oasis Townsville is a referral and support hub for veterans.

We are a concierge service - an entry point to access the best services in Townsville.


We'll help any veteran 'make a plan for your future', 'get you a job'

and 'rekindle the camaraderie you knew when you served in the ADF'.


Given the support available from the many ex-service organisations (ESOs) in Townsville, we'll particularly focus on supporting veterans transitioning from ADF to connect and integrate (along with their families) into the Townsville Community. As part of that service, we'll refer them to ESOs that serve their cohort and can provide the service they need.

Townsville is a proud Garrison City with a significant ex-ADF community.

DVA figures estimate there are over 15,000 ex-ADF living in Townsville. In addition there are over 5000 serving military personnel posted to Townsville. With their families, this constitutes about 20% of the Townsville population.


The idea for a "concierge service" in Townsville came from a gathering of

some of the ESOs almost 10 years ago and was reinforced in the findings of Operation COMPASS.

It became a reality during the 2017 Queensland Election.


The aim of The Oasis Townsville is to provide a focal point for referral to the services in the Townsville region, to transitioning servicemen and women; and to other members of the ex-ADF community in Townsville.


We’ll do this from a site located in Oonoonba at the site of the old Department of Primary Industries (DPI) building, situated in the new housing development

at 'The Village'.

Until that facility is built, we have an office at 143 Walker Street in the CBD, courtesy of the Mayor of Townsville Cr. Jenny Hill (a veteran).

Goolma 4.JPG
Laptop & Coffee

A notice board outside the Staging Camp during WWII in Oonoonba near where The Oasis Townsville is situated.

The facility then and now is, in effect an RSO&I facility for ex-servicemen and women and their families into the Townsville Community.

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For the benefit of members of the

Ex-ADF Community

in Townsville.

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