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Home Base

for the Veteran Community in Townsville

Representing 20% of Townsville's population,

the veteran community can make a significant impact when supported appropriately.

The Oasis Townsville provides a place to meet over a coffee and connect

to other veterans and their families

(including referral to the right Ex-Service Organisation (ESO) in Townsville)

and to find the best services in Townsville to support integration into the community. 

A Plan

Our Mission


"Needs to be happy: something to do, someone to love, something to look forward to.”

18th Century philosopher Immanuel Kant

(among others...)

A notice board outside the Staging Camp in Oonoonba near where The Oasis Townsville is situated, during WWII .

The facility then and now is, in effect what today's servicemen and women might call a 'Reception, Staging, On-forwarding and Integration (RSO&I) facility for ex-servicemen and women and their families into the Townsville Community.

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The Oasis Townsville Limited, a public benevolent institution, is endorsed to access the following tax concessions:

  • Income Tax Exemption under Subdivision 50-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

  • GST Concessions under Division 176 of 'A New Tax System' (Goods and Services Tax) 1999

  • FBT Exemption under Section 123C of the Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act 1986

For the benefit of members of the

Ex-ADF Community

in Townsville.

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