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July 2024

Three years old and getting stronger!

Our 3rd Anniversary celebration at Homebase showed how The Oasis Townsville is maturing and has become an important hub in the veteran landscape in Townsville. The Alliance Rehab Cooking class was, as always, a huge success. Coming this month is the next Career Connections Showcase put on by our Veterans Business Alliance, RDA TNWQ and the Queensland Government. The Warhammer Tournaments are growing rapidly in popularity, with another one this month. In the months ahead we are proud to introduce the Townsville Military Advocacy Community of Practice with advocates from ESOs in Townsville conducting a special Walk-up and Information Session in September. We’ll also be hosting our first Study Expo with all the educational institutions represented in the region to answer any question about upskilling. We've found the way veterans and families like to learn is to hear others' stories, so we’ve started our own podcast with the first release this month. We are proud to have been included in the book published by the Royal Commission called Shining a Light: Stories of Trauma and Tragedy, Hope and Healing. The sale of pavers for our Path of Remembrance is going well with planned construction on track.

Thanks to everyone who came to help us celebrate our third Anniversary at Homebase. It was great to see more veterans and families than the general public this time. There was much more interest in connections activities with many signing up to join a group. Clearly, the honeymoon is over, and Homebase is becoming the real hub the veteran community appreciates.

On 24 July we have our next Career Connections Showcase. Conducted in collaboration with our Veterans Business Alliance and Regional Development Australia Townsville and Northwest Queensland, this event offers a great opportunity for anyone considering what is their next career to talk to veteran-friendly business owners and managers.

Our efforts to raise a Military Advocacy Community of Practice have been fruitful with many of Townsville’s advocates from many ESOs joining it to gain from learning from each other and making the experience for veterans so much smoother. Brett Armstrong and his CoP are planning Walk-up and Info Sessions for 25 September. The main idea is to present to veterans and families how the claims process works so things run as smoothly as possible from our end. All questions answered.

We are planning for a Study Expo on 21 August. The best way to be ready to transition from one career to the next is to ensure you have the right education and skills. The opportunities offered for veterans and partners are amazing. Come along to this session and speak to the experts. They have all thought carefully about how to best serve the veteran community and can explain how to get the most from your current circumstances.

We are excited to announce we will be producing a monthly podcast commencing this month. Angie and Steve will present on assorted topics of interest to the veteran community. Isn’t it a better way to understand a problem or situation by listening to a story?

On 20 June the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide delivered a report outlining the lived experiences of Defence personnel, veterans and families. Shining a Light: Stories of Trauma and Tragedy, Hope and Healing is available to download, and the link is on our website under Latest News/Veteran Community News. Operation COMPASS and The Oasis Townsville are mentioned in dispatches on pages 232 to 233.

Thanks to those who have had pavers inscribed for our Path of Remembrance. Many are taking multiple pavers. It is heartwarming to see the depth of connection to the military in the Townsville community.

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