0101.Early Planning - Meaningful work
0101.Early Planning - Meaningful work

In the early planning phase of preparing for transition, considering meaningful work is a high priority as it may require considerable preparation over time. It is likely to involve establishing what you are good at and what you might like to do. There are skills and qualifications that can then be identified and worked toward in anticipation of transition.

What does The Oasis Townsville do for you and your family during this phase?

We will utilise the services of many organisations to help prepare you for meaningful work. There are many aspects to prepare for and many organisations that can help. Different organisations we access will help with aspects from identifying what you might like to do and are good at, to recognition of prior learning and job interview preparations. We can also support you in starting your own business or simply finding a valuable and rewarding volunteer job. Once you have found meaningful work we will support you by monitoring how you are going.

What does Defence do for you and your family during this phase?

Defence encourages attendance at a Transition Expo

What does DVA do for you and your family during this phase?