Support to Develop a Transition and Integration Plan


The Oasis Townsville Wellbeing Program is the centrepiece of our operation.


We assist veterans and their families establish a plan for successful integration into the Townsville community and we will support veteran clients and their families by identifying the best services to suit the individual or family and help with gaining appointments and bookings with supporting organisations.  

We support all veterans, whether still serving or in the ex-ADF community in Townsville, with the challenges of integrating into the community. 

Our Case Managers will support the development of a plan across all of the 10 Human Needs. Depending on the urgency and complexity of the case, we will help you develop an outline plan, a detailed plan or an action plan. 

Our Service Directory

We are building a comprehensive knowledge base of what products and services are available in Townsville to which our advocates can refer members of Townsville's ex-ADF community. This Service Directory will allow us to ensure we get the best possible outcome from the support resources available in Townsville. 

It is unique in that it will be maintained by us. We will not rely on organisations to keep their data up to date. And we will keep track of which services are the best for future referrals. 

We've also developed a listing of many of the ESOs in Australia. It's not got them all but from what we've found online, it's one of the best listings available.


We recognise the biggest need is to assist those transitioning out of the ADF now. Our service complements the process for transition administered by Defence. We will advocate for you in dealing with the Defence Transition Centres or the Defence Force Transition Program. We also recognise that these Defence programs will remain involved in your transition for up to two years, while we intend to be in Townsville forever! We've compiled a guide for those transitioning here.

As soon as you contemplate for the first time that you might make the transition out of the ADF, we'd love to see you. And if you'd like to start the recon on your own for now have a look at these references which will help with the decision and preparation


Already in the ex-ADF community?

We also strongly support anyone who has already discharged and wants a bit of support to sort out their plan.

Help us help others?

We are also keen to find those doing well in the Townsville community. If you would like to discuss the prospect of becoming a case manager/wellbeing advocate, please read this page on our website.

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