Mirko Stojkov

What is your role in The Oasis Townsville?

I have been involved with The Oasis Townsville from 2018 prior to the opening of our office in the CBD in early 2019. I am a Wellbeing Navigator, an ATDP Wellbeing Advocate Level 2, and I have Cert III in Community Service.

Tell us about yourself

I joined the Army November 1985, at 19 years of age, and retired in 2011. I have served as an Infantryman, and in the Royal Australian Signals Corp, I have seen operational service, in East Timor with INTERFET in 1999, and on Operation Slipper in the Middle East in 2009. I have three children, two of which are adults; and I am a grandfather of five, I am a single father with a 12-year-old son, who is my priority. I enjoy travelling and have been to many countries taking in their culture and sites.

Why have you joined the team at The Oasis Townsville?

For the same reason as many Veterans, I have had some challenges after leaving the Army, I have friends who have struggled also and I now see an opportunity to help. Since retiring in 2016 I felt the need to put energy into helping other ex-serving members of the ADF. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work at The Oasis Townsville. The people I work with are like-minded, focused on delivering the best possible service for all ADF Veterans and their families.

What are you most proud of in your life?

Being a father and grandfather must be on the top of that list. Next would be serving in the Army, which I had wanted to do since I was a young boy, and then serving for 26 years. In 2001, I was selected for Exercise Long Look and was detached to the British Army for four months in Germany and would be another career highlight.

What’s the best fun you’ve had with family and/or friends?

I love spending time with family and friends. I am particularly proud of the grand-kids. I think the best fun was at Movie World with the kids. I have some very good friends from my time in the Army and I enjoy catching up with those I have served with, who I consider family, and yarning about the old days.


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